“On the First day of Christmas my true love ordered for me, a cheeseburger from our favorite eatery.”  Well, that’s not exactly the tradition lyrics, but it rhymes.  With the holiday season, here’s our foodie version counting down our top 12 favorite Fort Lauderdale burgers this year.

1st day….. Tucker Dukes Lunch Box

Tucker Dukes LunchboxTucker Dukes (11)

2nd day….Pibus Burgers

Pibus Cheese Bread BurgersPibus Cheese Bread Burgers

3rd day…..Gimme a Burger

Gimme a burger 09Gimme a burger 15

4th day…..Stout

Stout Irish PubStout Irish Pub

5th day…..Burgers & Suds

Burgers & SudsBurgers & Suds

6th day…..Jack’s Old Fashion Hamburger House

Jacks Old Fashion HamburgersJacks Old Fashion Hamburgers

7th day…..Big Bear Brewery

Big Bear BrewingBig Bear Brewing

8th day…..Jersey Dawg

Jersey DawgJersey Dawg

9th day…..Boca Burger

Burger House 10Burger House 13

10th day…..Burger Freak

Burger FreakBurger Freak

11th day…..160 Degrees

160 Burger 13160 burger01

12th day…..Tarpon Bend

Tarpon BendTarpon Bend

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Jeff is the other half of the FTL Today team. A Floridian born & raised and University of Florida graduate, he spends his days as an insurance agent (yawn). The rest of the time, he says he’s our webmaster, but we don’t know exactly what he does. His previous experience includes advertising sales for Creative Loafing Newspaper (love that name).

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