160 Degrees – Burgers Well Done is located in The Promenade at Coconut Creek and shares a space with The Muffuletta and is located next to the World of Beer.  It’s probably the ‘sweet spot’ for a fast-casual spot as hungry beer drinkers at WOB can order and get the food delivered right to their table.  But today we’re not having any beer, just a burger.
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The inside is decorated as if you were in the French Quarter with dark colors and cool light fixtures.  You have a choice of take-out or dine-in (outside or inside) and once you order at the counter, they will bring your order to you.
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They specialize in burgers here, so that is what we tried.  Jeff ordered the Dirty Blue burger which comes with bacon and blue cheese dressing topped with lettuce and tomato.  You have a choice of bun and he got the wheat bun.  He got the cheese fries as the side (they also have regular fries and onion rings).  When they dropped it off, the burger sits quite high and looks impressive.  It was a solid burger with good flavor and not overdone.  They went a little heavy on the blue cheese dressing for my taste, but Jeff liked it.  The fries are your regular frozen variety and the cheese was on the side for dipping.  I’d probably skip the cheese for the fries on my next visit and maybe would try the onion rings.
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They also have hot dogs and you can build your own burger or order one of the specials on the board.  We liked it and if you are having a few beers next door, this would be the perfect combo.  I really liked the Muffuletta sandwich and would have a hard time picking which side I wanted to order from on our next visit.  We actually each ordered from one side and split the burger and sandwich.  Best of both worlds.
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