While on our mini road trip north to Boynton Beach, we stopped in at Between the Bun for lunch. Specializing in burgers and hot dogs, it sounded good to us. 

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Between the Bun is a fast casual spot where you order at the counter and they bring the food to your table. They also serve some deli type sandwiches and have chicken and steak options. I ordered the 8 oz cheeseburger with bacon and added fries and a soda. Jeff went for the pastrami with fries and a drink. 

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The owner at the counter was a nice guy and friendly. We got our drinks and sat down to wait. The food didn’t take too long and they brought it out while everything was still hot. 

Between The Bun 10Between The Bun 03Between The Bun 04

My burger looked good, but the bacon was a small portion and not cooked to order. It was a bit dried out and I would suggest to skip the bacon. The burger was thick and char broiled with a blanker of melted provolone cheese. Lettuce, tomato and ketchup were my toppings and all were fresh. The burger had a good flavor, but was overcooked. When I ordered he asked how I wanted it cooked and I said medium. This was well done without a doubt. One of my pet peeves is when you ask how you want it cooked, you better have someone that knows how to cook I that way.  The fries came in a cool mini deep fry basket and were a unique crinkle fry. Sort of like a thin Nathan’s fry. The menu said they were house made, but I’m thinking they were not. 

Between The Bun 07 Between The Bun 12

Jeff’s sandwich was stuffed with grilled pastrami and was really good and came with a small container of average coleslaw. Just enough mustard and not a bad choice overall. 

Between The Bun 08 Between The Bun 13

The inside of the restaurant was clean, but they relied on the natural light from outside to serve as interior lights making it look dingy.  Which is odd because there were a few dozen ceiling lights switched off.  This always gives me the impression that someone is pinching pennies. 

Between The Bun 09Between The Bun 06

We probably would search for another place for lunch if we were in that area again because the burger didn’t just stand out enough for a second visit.

Between the Bun is located at 1035 Gateway Blvd #213 Boynton Beach, FL

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