Many people in the area don’t realize that Blue Moon Seafood and Chophouse in Coral Springs is not affiliated with the Blue Moon Fish restaurant in Fort Lauderdale/Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. They still might have the old logo and sign still up on the building and windows but they’ve recently added ‘Seafood and Chophouse’ to the name to stand out and have a whole new website. 

Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

While it seems that many of the LivingSocial deals lately are for restaurants we don’t really find interesting, we couldn’t pass up the $25 for $50 of food deal they ran for Blue Moon Seafood and Chophouse.  This offer didn’t have many restrictions, just that it cannot be used on Sunday or for the special ‘Sunset Menu’ and did suggest reservations be made.

 Blue Moon Coral Springs

We headed over for our reservation on a Friday night and the place wasn’t that busy.  While it’s located in a strip mall, the interior is actually quite nice.  There is a bar area to the left behind a large fish tank (badly needing a cleaning) with lots of table seating too.  To the right is the main dining room with booths and lots of tables with the capability to seat large parties.  It’s quite a relaxing environment with white tablecloths, cool light fixtures and soft music to distract from the drop ceiling tiles. 

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

The place was fully staffed with a host to seat us, a water/bread person (not sure what this position is called these days), our server and a runner for the food.  We immediately received water and bread and our server was right over to greet us and take our drink order.  The bread was a fresh French loaf that went perfectly with the olive oil, herb and fresh parmesan dip.

  Blue MoonBlue Moon

The menu here does a great job at describing each item, so good, we had trouble narrowing our search.  There is a raw bar section separate from the appetizers and two sections of seafood.  While they did have an impressive ‘Chops’ section, the seafood looks to be the star with some inspired dishes like Japanese 7 Spice Pan Seared Ahi Tuna & Herb Crusted Swordfish.  We both decided to order one appetizer and one entrée each.

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

Our appetizers didn’t take that long and when they set them down in front of us, wow.  The phrase “you eat with your eyes first” came to mind and we were getting a full dose here. 

These appetizers were plated with care and hats off to the kitchen for the quality control, as not one thing looked out of place. 


Potato Crusted Jumbo Shrimp & Giant Scallop ($12) – Grilled mango roasted corn salsa, baby mixed greens.  The shrimp and scallop were huge!  Each was wrapped in shredded potato and flash fried.  The shrimp was packed with flavor and probably one of the best pieces I’ve had in quite a long time.  The scallop was slightly sweet and cooked perfectly.  The mango corn salsa was fresh and slightly chilled which worked.  The mixed baby greens were a bit overdressed, but the flavor of the vinaigrette was amazing.

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

Firecracker Oysters ($9) – Curry dusted, panko crusted fried oysters, chili aioli, mango vinaigrette, sweet potato haystack.  The presentation here was really nice and the curry flavor was the standout flavor.  The fried oysters were cooked just right without being greasy and chili aioli balanced out the curry a bit, giving it a little spice. 

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

We had a short break between courses and our plates were cleared, drinks refilled and our server was taking good care of us.  The timing between when we finished the appetizers and the main entrees came was maybe 10-15 minutes, which was perfect.  Again, when the plates were put down in front of us, WOW on the presentation.  I guess you could also see it as a bit ‘over the top’ with all the extra garnish to give it height, but we looked at it as being treated with care.


Blackened Mixed Grill ($26) – Mahi-Mahi, jumbo shrimp, giant scallop, grilled mango-roasted corn salsa, Vanilla rum butter, rosemary garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  While the shrimp and scallop were not as large as the ones in the appetizer, they were still really good.  The scallop on this tasted a bit more sweet, which we liked a lot.  The blackened seasoning had a nice heat to it as well, which helped the mahi-mahi’s flavor.  The veggies still had a bite to them, my favorite kind.  The mashed potatoes were nice and creamy and just enough salt.

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

Grill Norwegian Salmon ($24) – Sun dried tomato pesto, sautéed spinach, polenta cake, Lump crab stuffed portobello mushroom. The salmon was flaky and fresh and not overcooked.  The light sauce tied the whole dish together and Jeff really liked the polenta cake (and he never liked polenta!).  The lump crab was a generous portion and on the mild side, while the Portobello was nice and meaty.  We liked he spinach too and it was a nice bright green with lots of flavor.

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

The total bill came to about $80 before tip.  Less $50 for the voucher and we only owed $30 plus tip.  The LivingSocial special deal gave us a free entrée, which is one deal we will not pass up in the future.  While it might sound a bit expensive without the coupon, we still think it’s worth a trip at full price for a special occasion.  The portions were larger than most places and the service was outstanding.  Fresh seafood is harder to find than you think and Blue Moon Seafood and Chophouse do a great job at making you feel satisfied on all levels. Dessert looked great as well, but we were just too full to even think about trying it this time.

 Blue Moon Coral Springs Blue Moon Coral Springs

Blue Moon Seafood and Chophouse is located at 10317 Royal Palm Boulevard, Coral Springs, FL.33065

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