Brew Dogs is a small hot dog and burger spot located in Deerfield Beach just off of Hillsboro Ave.  It’s tucked away on a side street by City Hall so they get a sold lunch crowd.  The parking is street parking and it’s free.  We’ve never had an issue finding a spot close by and I believe there is a small strip mall that could accommodate some overflow if needed.  The owner Steve is from Michigan and you can hear the slight accent (that’s where I grew up so I can pick it out) and it is said that he missed the Coney Dog so much, he re-created it to serve here to share with the rest of Florida.  The Coney Dog is a hot dog with Coney Chili, raw onion (raw is the key) and mustard.

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There are a few tables outside if you want to enjoy the great Florida weather, but there are also tables and some stool seating inside.  They are fairly new so the place is spiffy.  Granite counter tops with other ‘steel’ high tops with Brew Dogs carved in give it a cool look.  The menu is mostly all kinds of hot dog and burger combinations with some other sandwich options like chicken, Cuban and Philly.  You will also want to check the specials board because they are always adding new items and trying new hot dog experiments…many of which end up on the permanent menu.

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You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you when it’s done…so I guess you could say it’s one of the ‘fast-casual’ concept restaurants.  They also do take out.  They have a new ‘rewards’ system here that will give you free stuff after a certain amount of visits…and random other discounts that are sent via email or text.  We happened to have a text for a free order of fries with any burger purchase!  You know we love FREE – that sweet deal saved us $1.89.

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I went for a burger to take advantage of the offer and I tend to like them more than hot dogs.  They have a list of ‘special’ burgers, but I chose the ‘create your own.  This comes in the single or double variety and I went for broke – a double.  I added on bacon, American Cheese, lettuce and tomato.  The fries came out first.  A large basket of hot shoestring fries.  They also serve Coney Fries (with chili and onions) with cheese or fries with gravy….I got the plain fries.  They are good, kind of like Steak N Shake fries.  A bit on the salty side though.  Next came the burger.  Each patty is ¼ pound and this burger was sitting very high.  They put 2 slices of cheese on and it was just oozing all over…like a blanket.  The bacon wasn’t too crisp but a bit thin.  I think I’d skip this topping on my next visit.  The burgers were extremely juicy…multiple napkin juicy.  They were also a little salty tasting and they do taste like the meat is ground in-house.  The bun was soft and slightly grilled but about half way through I was hitting the ‘meat wall’ so I sacrificed the bun to finish the burger.

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My co-worker ordered two dogs for her lunch.  She loves this place and is such a regular the owner Steve always greets her warmly and gushes how she is his favorite customer.  I think he’s even made her a special dog to test out a few times.  On this visit she ordered the Chicago Dog – Poppy seed bun, sport peppers, onion, tomato, pickle, neon relish, mustard, celery salt and a hot dog.  When it arrived, it looked picture perfect and just like the Chicago dogs you see on TV and in Chicago.  The toppings were fresh and it all went together very well.  The actual hot dog is really tasty here too.  The second dog was the NY Dog – Sautéed onions, sauerkraut, mustard and a hot dog.  She did customize it by asking for the ‘red crape sauce’ on it that is normally served with the Brooklyn Dog. This is another favorite, loaded with sauerkraut this one also packs a slight spice to it when the red crape sauce is added.  If you are not into the slightly spicy version…just order it as-is.

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The service here is very friendly and quick.  They also have a happy hour from 4 PM – 7PM as they serve beer only.  While they might not have the best burger option around, the hot dogs are the real star here.  Not many places around have the selection and quality that Brew Dogs has.

Brew Dogs – Hot Dogs and Burgers is open from 11 AM  – 7PM 7 days a week and Brew Dogs is located at 131 NE 2nd Ave, Deerfield Beach FL (Across from City Hall).

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