Bru’s Room Sports Grill might be far from the beach in Coconut Creek but it does its best to give you ‘waterfront dining’.  There are not too many places in Western Broward where you can sit on a huge outside patio built over water.  Add to that the numerous TV’s to catch the game, draft beer specials and tasty bar food and you have a winner.

 brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

Bru’s Room Sports Grill gets really busy on the weekends, especially during ball games.

brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek 

Parking can be a bit tricky since their lot is a bit on the small side, but they do offer valet service.  Many of the surrounding businesses will tow if you try and sneak into their lots and most have signs in plain view, so just be cautious.  We got there early on a recent Sunday, maybe 11:30am, so we didn’t have any issues parking. 

 brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

The building is quite large and the dining areas are split into three sections.  Immediately to your left as you walk in is the more ‘traditional’ dining room.  It’s quieter and there are a few TVs set up, but we find that section a bit boring for our taste.  On the right side is their ‘sports bar’ area.  High ceilings and lots of TVs are all over the room with large booths to accommodate groups of people.  There is also a bar in the middle with some high top tables.  This is more of the typical sports bar setting with more energy and dim lighting. 

brus room coconut creek brus room coconut creek

But our favorite spot in the place is their outside patio.  It’s one of the few places in Western Broward County that makes you feel like you are enjoying waterfront drinking and dining.  They did an awesome job constructing this large bar area that is actually built on ‘stilts’ sitting over a man-made pond/small lake.  It’s unique and really a nice spot to relax with some friends or family.  We found a seat along the edge and our server was over quickly to take our drink orders.

 brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

We ordered a few craft beers and looked over the menu.  The usual suspects are here from wings to nachos to a number of different sandwiches and burgers.  They also have some large plates as well, but it was lunch and we decided to split a few things.  Beers arrived and our order was placed.  Our food arrived at the same time and it took maybe 15-20 minutes.

 brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

16 wings, garlic parmesan ($15.99).  They had a number of sauces to pick from and we thought the garlic parm sounded great.  You can even add fresh minced garlic to any wing order, but we held off on that.  The wings are huge here, much larger than some of the wing specialty places and they are very meaty.  The sauce however, was a bit puzzling.  A bit over sauced, it was on the thick side and the taste itself was very mild, almost flavorless.  I bet if you added the minced garlic it would have balanced it out a bit more, but alone, we were not really fans.  It was more on the creamy side as well which was not what we expected.  The sauce did taste much better warmed up as leftovers.  The garlic flavor seemed to come out more for some reason.  Next time we will try a different sauce.

 brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

Philly Cheesesteak ($9.99).  Yeah, I know.  Not the most interesting choice, but it was actually very good.  They cut it in half for us and split it for us, giving each of us some fries.  We love when a restaurant pays attention and the server and kitchen work together like this.  The cheese was gooey and melted perfectly with a saltiness that went really well with our beers.  The roll was soft and the perfect size for the sandwich.  The fries were good, just your regular skin on spuds.

 brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

The service is always really good at Bru’s Room Sports Grill and today was no exception.  Everyone was friendly and quick to check on us and get anything we needed.  The patio is a must when you dine here and weather permits and it really does add to the dining (and drinking) experience.   The beer specials are quite good, but don’t usually include any craft beer brands, so take note.  Prices overall are reasonable and the portions are large making Bru’s Room Sports Grill a good value.

brus room coconut creekbrus room coconut creek

Bru’s Room Sports Grill is located at 5460 W Hillsboro Blvd Coconut Creek FL 33073.

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    Now I’m hungry. Those wings and that sandwich look so good!

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