BurgerFi seems to be doing some expanding lately and one just popped up on Deerfield Beach.  Located just a few blocks from the ocean, this is a great spot to have a burger joint.  BurgerFi is a ‘fast-casual’ restaurant that specializes in, you guessed it…burgers.

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Walking up to the building it’s actually very impressive.  It’s very modern and I really like the look.  There is a lot of space outside to sit with some inside seats as well.  I believe that they like to use a lot of ‘recycled’ materials in the décor and the design team deserves some props.  The menu is located at the register on large LCD screens.  They have all kinds of burgers and some hot dogs as well.  No turkey burger here, but I do believe they have a veggie burger.  We got there a bit early for lunch since it was a ‘work’ day and my co-worker and I had limited time.  There was no wait so we placed our order, got our ‘buzzer’ and ketchup and took our seat.  When you food is ready, your buzzer goes off and you go to the counter to pick it up.  I was actually surprised that they didn’t have a person bring it to your table, since the look of the place seemed to be more upscale than your  ‘5-Guys’.

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They had the ultra-cool new Coke Soda machines here.  While the soda is quite expensive, there are endless combinations of flavors and types and free refills.  I always go for the Raspberry Diet Coke.  Our food didn’t take too long and our buzzers went off almost at the same time.

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I ordered the BurgerFi Cheeseburger (comes with 2 patties) and I added Bacon.  They do have a few different ‘bun’ options, but I stuck with the original.  I also added on a Cry & Fries which is an order of fresh cut fries and onion rings.  The burger is wrapped up to expose part of the bun and contents.  They brand each bun with ‘Burger Fi’ which is a nice touch.  I found the burger to be good and the American Cheese was gooey and totally melted.  The bacon was a little disappointing and next time I would not add it on, it was thin and didn’t have much flavor.  All the other toppings were fresh and I liked the soft bun.  It was filling for sure.  The fries were good, but needed a little salt.  They also have toppings for the fries you can add on for an additional charge, but I passed on this visit.  The onion rings were a little too thick for me.  The coating was tasty, but I think it would serve better to sharing if they were not as thick.  It’s a bit expensive and my meal came out to $16.20.  The Cry & Fries is big enough to share, so you can save some cash (and calories) by doing that.  My co-worker and I didn’t firm up the ‘share’ plan ahead of arriving, so we both ordered it thinking we’d share it.  We couldn’t finish all that food.

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The hot dog was large and everything you think of when you order a Chicago Dog.  The neon green relish and all the other toppings made this hard to eat, but she managed quite well.  She liked the hot dog but felt that it was a bit expensive overall.  She did make a suggestion on offering smaller sizes of the side items to drop the cost.

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The parking is a bit tight at this area of the beach.  Meters are all around and they fill up fast.  The parking garage is close by and usually has some free spots but it will probably cost you another $2.  Some places at the beach will ‘validate’ your parking (like Kilwins) when you buy something, but BurgerFi does not.

The frozen custard looked amazing here and I’m sure after hitting the beach all day would be a nice way to cool off.  Maybe next time.

BurgerFi is located at 2009-C NE 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach FL.

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