You may have heard the ‘hype’ around Charm City Burgers in Deerfield Beach.  They get lots of great reviews and have got some attention at the local Burger Battles.  They have done some remodeling over the years and this place can get VERY busy during lunch.

Charm City Burger

We stopped in today for lunch and the parking is a bit cramped.  We ended up parking at the adjoining Publix lot which can also be very busy.  I guess the walk to the restaurant was good for us considering we were going to have a big burger.  Once inside there is the counter to order which also has a few stools to sit.  The rest of the place is all tables and some ‘booth’ type seating.  This is not a large place but they do try to pack the seating in.  The music was on, the customers were all chatting and the place was very loud.  I had a hard time hearing the person taking my order (no old jokes please).  They have Burgers, Chicken breast and some other options (hot dog and wings).  You can order what you want or go for a specialty burger.  I got the cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato.  I know…but I’m a purist sometimes when it comes to my burger.  The combo comes with fries, onion rings, tater tots or veggie slaw.  I tried to keep it healthy and got the veggie slaw.

Charm City Burger

Once you pay, you are given your drink and a number.  Then the wait starts.  They actually do a great job on getting the food out.  I was amazed at all the people that kept piling in the place and I wondered where the heck they were going to eat.

My number was called and I couldn’t wait to dig in.  The ‘veggie slaw’ is actually a side salad served with a thick balsamic vinaigrette.  It was quite impressive looking and has some premium toppings.  Shredded romaine with onions, tomato, candied walnuts, craisins, cucumbers all make for a great mix.  The bacon wasn’t my favorite though…cold bacon isn’t always a good move.  Overall the salad was a great choice and I would get it again.  The burger was ordered ‘medium’ (they have 3 different preferences…this was the middle choice).  I unfortunately have to say that it was overcooked.  There was a nice char taste due to the cooking…but it was taken too far and had no pink at all.  The bun is a fresh sesame bun which was toasted.  The burger had a nice taste…but it was dry.

Charm City Burger

The tater tots are another good side item choice and you get a ton of them.  Crispy, hot and salty all come together to make you feel like a kid again.  The side order is big enough to split. I would have enjoyed the meal much better if the burger was cooked a little more to my liking and would probably give them another try.

Tips on your next visit to Charm City Burgers:

-This place is PACKED.  Order your food ‘to go’ just in case you can’t find a seat.  You can always eat there if one opens up.

-If you are going for lunch, get here a little earlier than you normally would.

-This place can be LOUD when busy…so if you plan on having any long conversations…it won’t work.

-Parking is a bit easier behind the restaurant in the Publix shopping center.

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