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Chick-fil-a always seemed like mall food court food to me.  It was the place that had ‘great criss-cross fries’ but the chicken never really did it for me.  They recently started a South Florida expansion and this week, Fort Lauderdale got their very own restaurant.    The location seems a bit ‘odd’ to me, located on Federal Hwy near NE 26th St, and it wasn’t that busy at 10AM so I stopped in.

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The restaurant is brand new and was built from the ground up.  It’s a sharp looking building with a nice inside to match.  They always seem to keep their restaurants very clean and this location was no exception.

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Ordering was smooth and the guy taking my order was nice, but kind of laid it on a bit thick.  I’m sure they were all just trying to show that they do have some stellar customer service.  By the time I paid and got my soda (free refills are available, but they get it for you) my order was ready.

Chick-fil-a Chicken Biscuit combo ($4.59).  They wrap everything neatly and the hash browns come in a little box.  The sandwich looked really good, but after my first bite, I was seriously let down.  It was freshly made, but the texture of the chicken was just bad.  It was tough and rubbery and it was actually tough to eat.  You couldn’t get a solid bite due to what seemed like grizzle.  Looking at the meat, it looked fine, so I’m not sure what they did to it.  The flavor was standard Chick-fil-a, slightly sweet with some spices, but the coating was a little soggy and greasy.  The biscuit was fresh and buttery tasting and I enjoyed that part of the sandwich.   The hash browns were ’rounds’ and pretty good.

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They did come around to check on me while I was eating, but I didn’t mention the rubbery chicken.  I don’t think this is something they can fix and I just was ready to go.  If I do stop into Chick-fil-a again, I will probably stick to the criss-cross fries and pass on the rest.

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Chick-fil-a is located at 2650 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33066 and as at all locations, they are closed on Sundays.


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