In just another non-descript strip mall building in Coral Springs just north of the University & Sample intersection, Chimi and Kimchi Grill is more than it appears from the outside.  Only open for less than a year, today’s visit was far from ordinary. Chimi is short for chimichurri, an Argentinean sauce made with chopped fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, oil, vinegar and red pepper flakes.  And kimchi is the traditional fermented Korean dish made of Napa cabbage with seasonings.


Walking through the doors, we were impressed by the modern décor and very clean dining room.  Nothing seemed out of place. The menus on the tables and even the business cards on the front and back counters are carefully placed. We started with the Mandoo appetizer ($7.95) which are nine pan fried homemade dumplings filled with pork, beef, tofu, cabbage and onions. We were blown away by this presentation that would easily be seen in a five star restaurant. The dumplings were displayed in a flower like design, garnished with green onion, tomato and pickled yellow radish. Very impressive.


We ordered one main dish from the Argentine side of the menu and one from the Korean side.  The Argentine dish was the vacio ($9.95) or flank steak or flap meat that was grilled perfectly and served with a generous portion of French fries and a side of chimichurri sauce.  The owner even stopped by to make sure the meat was grilled to our liking. Very nice. The Korean dish was the curry rice ($9.95) was our favorite. We ordered this with chicken and the hot curry sauce.  The yellow sauce had the best balance curry flavor with the right amount of heat and was almost stew-like.  It came with a side of homemade kimchi.


The checkout process was table side using an iPad and signing with your finger. My credit card never left my sight, which is a real treat nowadays. We’ll definitely be back.

Tips on your visit next visit to Chimi and Kimchi Grill:

  • Please DON’T be tempted to take the brushed metal chop sticks.  You know it will cross your mind, but please DON’T.
  • Lunch specials are available on weekdays (11:00am-3:00pm) – The Korean Tacos looked really good on the lunch menu.
  • Closed on Mondays
  • There’s no Men’s or Ladies restroom room. Instead, it’s a one unisex stall. Very clean.


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