Has anyone noticed that Chipotle restaurants seem to be popping up faster than Starbucks? Which is really not a bad thing if you like Mexican fast casual food. We stopped into the new Chipotle Mexican Grill in Deerfield Beach on US1 for lunch and already at noon it was busy with the line almost to the front door. 

Chipotle DeerField Beach

This Chipotle location looked a bit smaller than some that I’ve been to and seating looked to be a premium.  The dining room was very clean and looked nice and new.  It looked like most Chipotle restaurants with lots of wood and a few large ‘communal’ tables.

Chipotle DeerField BeachChipotle DeerField Beach

The service line was slow but steady.  We saw some people ordering bowls of just meat and one guy had ordered a burrito bowl that was stacked so high, I don’t know how he got it to the table.  They were going through all of the food very fast and were constantly replenishing all of the bins.  The meats were being grilled right behind the line and they were basically just cutting up the chicken and putting it right into the burritos, bowls and salads.  Watching from the line, we did notice a consistency issue. Not every burrito was made the same.  Some had way more quantities of certain items. The guy in front of Chris (my co-worker) had the same items but they could hardly close his burrito. 

 Chipotle DeerField BeachChipotle DeerField Beach

We had to eat outside since it was so busy and the tables out there are a bit small for two people with those large round trays, but we managed.  Chris got a burrito that was still quite full and a side of chips and guacamole.  He liked enjoyed it but it kind of fell apart due to staging issues for the photograph (sorry Chris!). 

Chipotle DeerField BeachChipotle DeerField Beach 05

My bowl was packed and stacked pretty high.  Everything was fresh and tasted great making this a super deal at about $10.  The chicken was a great choice and it was packed with flavor.  I also ordered a side of chips to eat with my bowl and scoop it up like nachos.  The chips were ‘ok’ but almost to the point of being a little stale.

 Chipotle DeerField BeachChipotle DeerField Beach

We both left very full and totally satisfied.  It’s nice to see that after being only open a week, they have it running smoothly during the lunch rush.  Despite the food quantity variation, I did like seeing that the fresh food quality was consistent with the other locations I’ve visited.

Chipotle DeerField Beach 

Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant is located at 777 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach FL 33442

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