While looking for a quick option for lunch today, a few co-workers and I stopped into CiCi’s Pizza restaurant to do a quick review.  They offer a buffet consisting of all the pizza and salad you can eat for a really low price.  They also offer a take-out option, but the real value here is the buffet.  The Paragon Movie Theater is just down the plaza, so if you are pressed for time, this might be a great option for a fast bite.

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It was a little busy waiting to pay, but the line moved quickly.  Soda is not included, but you can ask for just water if you wanted to save a few dollars.  But be careful when they offer you a “to-go” cup for your soda – it’s an extra fifty cents. At the front of the line, they have a few soups and a pasta offering.  Today it looked like a red sauce and Alfredo sauce.

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Next, is the expansive pizza offerings.  At the front, they have a few breadstick options and a few of the more ‘plain’ pizzas.  They have all kinds of variations…square-deep dish, thin crust, regular and a flat-stuffed pizza.  There are no labels to tell you what kind of pizza you are taking because they basically swap out whatever is coming hot out of the oven into an empty spot. I found the pizza to be quite good for the price.  This isn’t your Italian Pizzeria style/quality from down the street, but a few of the pizzas were solid in flavor.  I really liked the thin/crisp veggie pizza and the square/deep-dish style.

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At the end of the pizza area, they have three dessert options.  A dessert pizza with apple, cinnamon and frosting that was good, but I didn’t care for the jelly type topping.  Next were the freshly baked cinnamon rolls with frosting.  These were AWESOME.  Warm, soft and loaded with flavor…these are not low-calorie by far…but worth every bite.  They also had a fresh baked brownie with powdered sugar that was good for a chocolate fix.

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They also have a small area with a few salad options.  An Italian Salad that is pre-mixed with dressing was tasty, fresh and I went back for a second serving.  The other option is the create your own with a few different toppings like most salad bars.

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Overall Cici’s Pizza is a great spot for a quick meal that will not set you back much at all.  I’m actually a little amazed on how much food they offer for the low price.  Just remember, you will not get the best pizza you’ve ever had…but more of a ‘middle-of-the-road’ variation with some bright spots.  I almost think the price is worth just the salad and cinnamon rolls alone and I think I’m in a sugar coma now.

CiCi’s Pizza is located at 3912 W Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL.

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