We love a good dining deal and snapped up the Amazon Local restaurant offer for City Eatz.  The offer cost $10 and was for $20 worth of food which sounded great.  Unfortunately, trying to redeem the coupon started with a debate and ended with typical mall food court cuisine that really didn’t meet our expectation.

City Eatz City Eatz

City Eatz is located in the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach and serves up all kind of regional favorites.  Some include Philly cheesesteaks, Wisconsin grilled cheese, Buffalo wings and Chicago Dogs. It’s located in the food court so they offer counter service only.

City Eatz  City Eatz

The cashier came out to take our order and when we mentioned the Amazon Local coupon, she wrote down the certificate number. She then asked “what’s the minimum order amount on that?”  Well we didn’t see a minimum dollar amount in the fine print and mentioned its $20 of food.  She then said, “you order $20 of food and we give you $10 off”.  That clearly is not the deal and we tried to explain that their voucher is worth $20.  She was getting quite agitated at this point and called over to the owner. He came over and agreed with the cashier.  Again, we tried to explain that we paid $10 for the voucher that was worth $20 at City Eatz.  He gave us a funny look and said “how am I supposed to make money if I’m giving you $20?”  Huh??? This was clearly a misunderstanding. After a few more minutes of talking, we all agreed with what the certificate clearly read. The cashier then rang up our order at $21.95 and took $10 off.  “The total is $11.95” she said. Jeff and I looked at each other and said “No, it’s $1.95”.  The owner told her we were correct and she stormed off into the backroom and left the owner to finish our transaction. What a circus. We later found out that they were participating in a number of offers from different companies which probably caused their confusion.

City Eatz

The order took only about 10 minutes to prepare. The 9″ Philly Cheesesteak with onions, peppers, mushrooms and provolone cheese.  At first glance, it seemed much smaller than 9″, but that might be because the meat was totally missing on the end.  It’s almost like they used the same amount on the 9″ as they used on the 6″.  The meat was ok and tasted like steak-umms you get from the grocery store. Cheese was melted, but such a small potion, we almost missed it. Peppers, onions and mushrooms didn’t really give much flavor to it either.

City Eatz City Eatz

The Wisconsin Grilled Cheese.  Served on Texas Toast, we expected more cheese.  The one slice of American was unmelted on the edges with the cheese-whiz being the only thing giving it a cheesy flavor. The bacon was thin and undercooked with only two small slices. The tomato was fresh and I thought he only item with good flavor on the sandwich.

City Eatz  City Eatz

We had ordered a large order of fries, but he gave us two portions as if we ordered a combo.  We’e not sure if we got less of a total portion serving it this way, since we didn’t see how big the large was. The fresh cut fries were good with a nice taste, but fried way too long leaving many burnt and hard.

City Eatz City Eatz

We had really hoped to like City Eatz, but we will not be returning. The strange thing is that these certificates (Amazon Local/Living Social/Groupon) are usually a vehicle to gain new customers and the reception we received when we used one did the opposite. The value of the food didn’t make up for the chilly reception we got either.

City Eatz is located in the Festival Flea Market at 2900 W Sample Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33073

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  1. June September 3, 2014 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    I totally enjoyed my lunch today at City-Eatz.
    The steak melted in my mouth ,the cheese was excellent and the onion,pepper,mushroom were excellently cooked. Even the drink, “diet coke” had the right amount of syrup in it.I know this because in the market place we had the best Philly cheese steak place of business. It was very well known throughout the state of Maryland. This was as good as the one in Maryland.

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