We stopped in at the new Green Market in The Promenade at Coconut Creek today. Located on the grassy area along Wiles Road, the “U” shaped line of vendors had a good assortment of goodies.

From pet treats to organic nut snacks, you can also find a few small produce vendors. Heath & Beauty items are also dotted along the way and even some crafts and jewelry. We had just eaten breakfast so we didn’t get a chance to try the ‘Authentic Hawaiian Lunch Plate’ stand or the baked goods stand. They even had a face painting booth for the kids. While we forgot to count, we estimate over 40 vendors.

We were there early and a few vendors were still arriving, so maybe 10-11 AM might be the best time to arrive.

A few suggestions to the organizers to make this an even better Green Market:
- Have some tables and chairs in the center to allow shoppers to enjoy their drinks and munchies they buy and the shoppers can take a break.
-Have some music playing to add to the experience. Make it a cool spot to hang out, shop and eat. It might even get people to stay longer and hit a few of the stores once they open.

Overall…nice work and we can’t wait to see it grow!




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