The location of Copans Café in Pompano Beach is one of the reasons it has never been at the top of my list.  The strip mall it resides in is not that attractive and the gas station at the corner is always crazy busy.  The other reason is that they are only open Monday thru Friday for Breakfast and Lunch, making it difficult to stop in for me. 

Copans CAFECopans CAFE

The inside of the restaurant is larger than expected with some counter seating and lots of booths and tables.  It’s a bit dimly lit, but looked cleaner than most ‘greasy spoon’ diner type spots in the area.  The kitchen is all exposed, so you can see everything that’s going on and today it was quite busy back there.

Copans CAFECopans CAFE

I took a seat at the counter and the server greeted me and asked if I was dining in or doing take-out.  I was dining in and she apologized ahead of time and said she was the only one working today, so she might be a bit frazzled.  While she got me my soda and the menu, I quickly realized that this place does a ton of delivery and take-out orders.  In 10 minutes a huge office order came in for 10 breakfasts.  I wasn’t in too much of a hurry, so settled in and looked over the menu.

Copans CAFE Copans CAFE

The breakfast menu has the usual suspects here.  Egg sandwiches, wraps, platters along with pancakes and French toast.  I didn’t notice any specials on the board so zeroed in on my ‘usual’.  The kitchen was still really busy and they managed to get my breakfast out to me in about 20 minutes.

Copans CAFECopans CAFE

Two eggs (over hard) with bacon, French fries and wheat toast ($4.99).  The eggs were fresh and definitely cooked to order.  The bacon was a bit on the greasy side, but was thick and full of flavor.  While I was ordering, I saw that they were making fries for a delivery order.  I quickly asked my server if I could swap out French fries for home fries and I got a ‘yes’.  The crinkle fries were fresh out of the fryer and were a little greasy, but pure comfort.  I didn’t eat much of the toast as it was loaded with a bit too much butter.

Copans CAFECopans CAFE

The bill wasn’t too bad and was a bit surprised when the soda cost half as much as the breakfast platter.  While it’s not a restaurant you would go out of your way for, it’s convenient.  If you happen to work near the place, I’d try the delivery option as the cost of just the food is very reasonable.  Copans Café is the true ‘greasy spoon diner’ and is a bit of a time warp back to the ’80s so they might not be for everyone.  The service was good and they were accommodating and even being short-staffed, they got me on my way quickly.

 Copans CAFE

Copans Café is located at 1951 W. Copans Road Pompano Beach, FL 33064.  They are open Monday – Friday and only open Breakfast and Lunch hours.

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