The name might have you guessing what type of food CR Chicks serves, but I will get right to it.  Their specialty is rotisserie chicken.  CR Chicks  is a ‘regional’ chain restaurant and the Boca Raton location was the 8th to open and is named after the owners – Rick Davis and Chris Sallen (CR…get it?).  The setup is ‘fast casual’ and similar to most restaurants falling into that category. 

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You place your order close by the front and pick your sides.  The sides are served up and you pay.  Your plate then moves to what appears to be the ‘meat’ station.  They serve up your meat and your order is handed off to you.  You can either dine in or take out.  They do take credit/debit cards.

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The restaurant is long and narrow and they have a good number of tables that flow to the back.  They also have a ‘counter’ with some stools and you can watch them preparing everything as the kitchen appears to be totally open.  If you want to brave the summer heat, there are a few tables outside as well.  The décor of the place is kind of ‘beach meats nautical’ with light blues, light wood and striped beach umbrellas and chairs on the wall. 

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The concept at CR Chicks is to serve ‘fresh…not chemically treated’ chicken and they also say that all their sauces, sides, etc. are made fresh in-house.  I did see a few signs that said they use a special Brazilian wood in the cooking process and I did see someone carrying some wood through the place to ‘restock’.  You can smell a faint smokiness in the air when you walk in.  The menu is mostly chicken…either sandwiches or by the quarter or half.  They also have some salads and cold meatloaf sandwich.  The sides looked really good and most had a slight spin on many of the other chicken places out there.  I chose the half chicken that comes with two sides.  I picked parsley carrots and Santa Fe Brown Rice.  I added a soda and the total came out to $9.49. 

 CR Chicks Restaurant 15CR Chicks Restaurant 11

I didn’t have to wait long before my plate was done and I took a seat.  They had a variety of hot sauces by the soda machine which was nice to see.  The plates here are foam and the utensils are plastic.  Not a big deal to me, as they worked fine and after all…this is a fast casual spot.  The chicken was actually a decent size for what I’m used to getting in some of the other rotisserie chicken places.  The skin was a bit on the salty side, so I only ate a little of it…which is probably for the best anyway.  The white meat was not too dry, but still needed a bit of a sauce.  I find that most rotisserie chicken white meat is on the dry side.  The dark meat was moist and tender and almost fell off the bone.  Overall, it was enjoyable and hit the spot.

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Now, onto the sides dishes.  They actually have a ‘Just the Sides’ plate where you pick five so I was expecting them to be good.  The parsley carrots were thinly sliced and still really hot.  While they were a bit soft and kind of broke apart, they tasted great.  Slightly sweet with just enough seasoning.  The Santa Fe Brown Rice was awesome.  I didn’t know what to expect, since the name doesn’t really match what it looked like.  On my first bite, I recognized the flavor of it as Popeye’s Dirty Rice, only better.  CK’s version here also had black beans and tasted fresher with more depth of flavor.  It was a little spicy and there appeared to be a little bits of meat mixed in. I’ll definitely have to get this on my return visits.  I did almost order the horseradish smashers, they looked and sounded great.

CR Chicks Restaurant 01 CR Chicks Restaurant 03

All the workers here were really outgoing and friendly.  They all seemed to like what they do and it shows.  They worked as a cohesive team that many restaurants should take note of.  I’d definitely go back and would probably choose CR Chicks over some of the other rotisserie chains out there.  The food seemed a little more ‘fresh’ and not as processed. 

 CR Chicks Restaurant 10CR Chicks Restaurant 12

CR Chicks is located at 2240 NW 19th St Bay 611, Boca Raton, FL

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    Your description of CR’s Chicks restaurant makes me want to go there now.

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