Crazy Wok is one of our regular Chinese Food Takeout spots.  Located at Wiles Rd and 441 in Coral Springs, they also deliver and offer a dine-in option with a few tables.  The inside is small but nicely decorated.  It actually looks a bit more ‘modern’ than most of the small take-out places in South Florida and the front counter is very efficient in taking orders and getting them right.

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Since this was a take-out order we will do something a bit different and run down the list of our order and our thoughts on the food.  There is quite a list since we often like to get a bunch of different items at a Chinese Restaurant and have enough for leftovers.

Crazy Wok Chinese 01Crazy Wok Chinese 02

French Fries ($2.95) – Ok we know that this isn’t really a Chinese staple, but how can we pass up fries?  The portion was quite large and these were fresh out of the fryer.  They were your regular frozen variety, but fresh, hot and really good.  These usually don’t last in the car on the way home, but we waited this time (we drove fast).

Crazy Wok Chinese 13Crazy Wok Chinese 05

Chicken Noodle Soup ($2.25 pint) – We usually get the wonton that is always good here, but we thought we would change it up since we also got dumplings as an appetizer.  The broth had great flavor and there were lots of noodles making this a good option for a soup fix.  It was actually much better than some deli chicken soup we’ve had recently.

Crazy Wok Chinese 11

Boneless Spare Ribs (6 for $6.95) – We love Boneless Spare Ribs.  We find it strange how each restaurant has their own spin on these and sometimes it’s a ‘hit’ and sometimes it’s a ‘miss’.  These are not the little bits of port with a sticky red sauce, but huge hunks of boneless lean pork. It’s almost like they took a pork loin and just sliced it and cooked it up.  These are very good and meaty.  You need a fork and knife and make for a great left over item to cut up and mix in your own dish the next day.  The sauce is a bit thin on these and not as ‘sweet’ as you might be used to but a solid choice.

Crazy Wok Chinese 10Crazy Wok Chinese 04

Chicken Dumplings Fried (6 for $6.75) – These come in pork or chicken and you can get them steamed or fried.  We liked the chicken option as they seemed lighter and when paired with the dipping sauce were perfect.  The dumpling wrapper is thick which seems like the only option here in South Florida.  We are more fans on the thinner wrapper for dumplings, but they are very hard to find.  Overall another solid choice.

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Chicken Wings (8 for $5.95) – These were crisp and had the unique Asian flavor in the batter and we liked the salty bite they had, which was balanced quite well.  They are large wings so make sure you bring your appetite.  They are not as good the next day for leftovers, so we had to finish them.  J

Crazy Wok Chinese 06

Honey Garlic Chicken ($6.95 pint) – They use white meat for many of the chicken items here and you can tell it’s fresh chicken.  The sauce was put on the side which we liked.  This way you can add how much you like and also not have a soggy mess when you get home.  The garlic flavor was there and didn’t overpower the sauce, but watch out for the bits of garlic if you don’t want to bite into one.

Crazy Wok Chinese 14

We called ahead for this order and it took about 25 minutes to prepare, which is about average when there are many cook to order items.  They always seem to fill us up and give us enough for dinner the next day.  Crazy Wok also has a good number of ‘healthy’ dishes that are steamed with a sauce on the side which can fit any diet.  The whole menu is huge (like most Chinese Restaurants) and we have found that most items are very consistently good.

Crazy Wok is located at 5764 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL

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