Cypress Nook is a small German American restaurant that also serves Breakfast.  We heard it’s where the locals go and wondered why if that is true, whey had we not been there yet?  Cypress Nook is located in Pompano Beach at 201 East McNab Road.  In what appears to be an old house converted to a restaurant it looked very interesting and full of character from the outside.  The parking is a bit tight, but we were there quite early and didn’t have an issue.  There is a small outside dining area outside, but it didn’t look that appealing.

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It’s not a large restaurant and the lighting was a bit dimmer than I’m used to but adequate.  The inside is very ‘old school’ with German memorabilia hanging on the walls…from old plates you see at Grandmas to other odds and ends.  We sat ourselves and started looking over the menu that is left on all tables.  We were the second table of the morning and were soon greeted by the server.  She took our dink orders and gave us some time to look over the menu (I think she knew it was our first time here).  The menu is full of regular breakfast fare with some German specialties thrown in (sausages).  It looked like they really turn on the German for lunch and dinner entrees.

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The first order was our standard two eggs over hard with bacon, hash browns (they give you a choice between hash browns and home fries) and a pumpernickel bagel.  The second order was the Bratwurst and Polish Sausage with two Eggs (ordered over hard) and hash browns with a croissant.  The server was pleasant, but not very ‘warm’ to us.  You can tell they really cater to the regulars as when they walked in they were almost tackled with warm greetings.  So we sat looking through our phones as we waited.  And we waited.  And waited for our food.  A table had sat next to us in the meantime and ordered.  Finally…food was coming out of the kitchen but I was a bit surprised when it passed us by and she put it down on the table next to us that had ordered way after us.  I could hear “Oh, I didn’t order a bagel” and “I wanted scrambled”.  I knew this was our order and it wasn’t until I spoke up that the server realized she made the mistake.  I know…mistakes happen, but there were only 3 tables in the place and it was our own server bringing out the food.  She apologized and moved the food to our table.

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We finally got to dig in and try the food.  The two eggs over hard with bacon and hash browns were a solid choice.  The hash browns tasted fresh but were a little overcooked in the center which made them a bit gummy, while the bacon was done to our liking and smoky.  The Bratwurst was very good and packed with flavor.  This was one good sausage.  The polish sausage was of the smoked variety and while good, we found it to be like the Eckrich brand you can make at home. The eggs while ordered over hard, they came out scrambled hard. So we were at two mess ups with service and there were only three tables in the place at this point.  This was not a very good service day.  They also dropped off a huge cup of mustard for the sausages which seemed like a waste.  We also hopped they dispose of any unused portion after each guest.

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The prices are not bad at your typical levels you find at most joints in the area.  We would probably try them for lunch or dinner, but would pass on breakfast.

Tip on your visit to Cypress Nook restaurant:

  • The restaurant is small so go early to avoid a wait.
  • The restroom was huge and oddly had a full-size very ornate ceiling fan.
  • The water was served in HUGE glass mugs…we assume all drinks are served in these glasses (iced tea, soda, etc.) which is a great value.
  • Watch the oversized mustard bowls. Seems to be waste to serve so much with one serving.
  • Parking is a bit tight so be aware of the ‘no parking’ areas when you search for additional parking.

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