Diner by the Sea is really two restaurants in one, during the day it’s your typical hole in the wall diner serving comfort food fare but at night they change into a German – Brazilian feast for the eyes along with your stomach.  We are not sure when they switched from a German based evening menu to Brazilian, but the menu looks quite good.

Diner by the Sea Diner by the Sea

The restaurant is located a modest row of stores on Commercial Blvd and if you blink, you just might miss it.  The restaurant is long and narrow and reminded us of diners you see in large downtown cities.  There are booths along the right wall and counter seating to the left.  The kitchen is all located behind the counter so you can see all of the action.

Diner by the SeaDiner by the Sea

It was a little busy but we found a seat at the counter right in front of the grill.  They sure utilize the space well and it was fun watching them cook right in front of us.  The crowd was a little older than most places on the beach and they appeared to be regulars.  Everyone from the customers to the employees were really welcoming and friendly striking up conversations and showing genuine interest.  It set the tone and so far we liked it a lot.

Diner by the SeaDiner by the Sea

The breakfast menu at Diner by the Sea is modest but complete. They had your egg dishes and omelets along with German pancakes.  The prices seemed very reasonable for the location as most beach restaurants overcharge for breakfast.  As soon as we ordered we watched the cook take on our order without missing a beat.  She was really timing everything very well and we even saw her make a slight mistake on my eggs.  I didn’t notice it, but she did and didn’t even serve that first batch.  A few minutes later she had the eggs finished perfectly.  I actually liked seeing this as so many places out there don’t take the time to redo them and send them out anyway.

Diner by the Sea

Our breakfasts were set down in front of us in a flash and we dug in.  I ordered the two eggs, over easy with potatoes and wheat toast.  The eggs were fresh and done exactly to order.  The potatoes were quite good and had a nice crisp crust where they hit the grill.  They were full of flavor and I didn’t miss not having an option for hash browns at all.  The toast was actually really good too.  Freshly out of the toaster and just enough butter enticed me to finish it all.

Diner by the SeaDiner by the Sea

Jeff ordered the biscuits and sausage gravy that comes with home fries.  Two large homemade biscuits covered the plate and they were covered with hot, steaming sausage gravy.  I don’t think we’ve ever had gravy this hot from any restaurant.  The gravy was really creamy with lots of sausage pieces and the flavor was spot on.  The biscuits were homemade and very light which really made a huge difference when you compare it to some other diners.

Diner by the SeaDiner by the Sea

Our drinks stayed full through breakfast and service was just right.  We even got a little special treat from the cook.  Just as we were finishing up our meals, she made us two mini German Pancakes to try.  What a nice touch, right?  Well that one taste made us want to head back for the large ones.  They were slightly crisp from the grill and just fluffy enough so they were not spongy.  These actually reminded me of the pancakes my Grandma made for me when I was a kid.

Diner by the Sea Diner by the Sea

It’s really nice to write a review where the staff really made you feel welcome.  We really enjoyed our trip to Diner by the Sea restaurant and will definitely be going back.  The value is just too good to pass up.

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Diner by the Sea Diner by the Sea

Diner by the Sea is located at 215 Commercial Blvd Lauderdale By the Sea FL.
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