We visited Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar in Coral Springs earlier this year and that first experience was wonderful. The staff service was off the chart attentive and really made us feel special and the food was fantastic. But, our second visit this week seemed to lose a little of the magic.  We still had a great meal, but the there was just a tiny bit “less” of everything.

Falafel Bistro Wine BarFalafel Bistro Wine Bar

We arrived at peak of lunch so we missed out on the choice few outside tables (next time we’ll get there earlier). The dining room inside is very dark, especially on a sunny day.  Don’t worry, you’ll eyes adjust quickly.

Falafel Bistro Wine BarFalafel Bistro Wine Bar

There’s plenty of seating with the tables comfortably spaced with additional seating along the bar in the back.  Tables were clean and included candles (electric) on the table. Also, keeping with the Mediterranean theme, the salt shakers included dried garbanzo beans instead of the usual grains of rice to prevent moisture.

Falafel Bistro Wine Bar Falafel Bistro Wine Bar

Here’s our disappointment and really makes us sound petty.  Our first visit included a free tasting sampler of their soups to help decide what to order.  Yes, they’re just three teeny, tiny bowls of a few spoonfuls each, but it’s one of the things we bragged to others about this place.  Unfortunately, this visit we weren’t offered a sampling.  We saw several tables with the soup samples and I even inquired what soups were available, but nothing.  Am I selfish for missing out on free soup?

We placed our orders sans-soup.

Tribecca Salad – Lunch Special  ($12.50).  Baby arugula and frisee, cherry tomatoes, sliced pears, roasted almonds with whole wheat goat cheese crostini and a honey balsamic glaze. They really packed the bowl with lettuce because as fast as we tried to eat, we never seemed we never seemed to reach the bottom of the bowl. Yes, we liked the goat cheese and glaze, but they were overly generous with the dressing.

Falafel Bistro Wine Bar 32Falafel Bistro Wine Bar

Bean Soup – Included in the lunch special.  Very good with lots of bean flavor. How did it compare to the other soups?  Don’t ask us because we weren’t offered the soup sampler. Selfish, right?

Falafel Bistro Wine BarFalafel Bistro Wine Bar

Angus Flatbread ($16.50) – Flat bread topped with ground black angus and lamb, fresh diced tomatoes, onions, parcel, roasted pine nuts and Mediterranean spices, served with choice of salad.  The serving size was large, too large in fact that I couldn’t finish the whole plate.  The flat bread itself was like a slightly toasted pita bread. Cut into quarters, it wasn’t crispy enough to eat like a pizza slice. The meat portion was generous but could have used a little more seasoning, or salt.

Falafel Bistro Wine BarFalafel Bistro Wine Bar

Traditional Israeli salad – Included with the Flatbread meal. Funny how I’m a sucker for ordering things with cool names. “Israeli” made this sound so much better, very exotic, but really this was simply diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and parsley.  Unlike the Tribecca Salad, this had too little dressing and flavor.

Falafel Bistro Wine BarFalafel Bistro Wine Bar

Pickled carrots and Hummus – Included with the Flatbread meal.  Both were my favorite.  What happened to me that carrots would be my favorite part of a meal? LOL.  And the hummus was FANTASTIC.  Very creamy with LOTS of flavor. Honestly, it did cross my mind a few times to run my finger along the bowl to get every bit.

Falafel Bistro Wine BarFalafel Bistro Wine Bar

At the end of the meal, your bill is presented in a hollowed out book.  Nice touch. I was impressed that the wait staff offered me an iced tea in a To-Go cup. All in all, the prices were on the slightly higher side. We left satisfied, but not sure we’d give them a five-star glowing review.  It’s just not the same when a second visit is not as memorable as the first. Would we come back, YES.  But next time I’m begging for the soup sampler.

Falafel Bistro Wine Bar Falafel Bistro Wine Bar

Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar is located at 5677 Coral ridge Drive, Coral Springs 33076.

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  1. Dan I Cook September 13, 2015 at 9:01 am - Reply

    Getting something for free should not curb your review. Next time ask for the manager or owner. You are veteran blogger and should know that. SMH.

    • Jeff September 13, 2015 at 11:32 am - Reply

      You are correct Dan. The comment about missing out on the free soup sampler was an attempt at humor (unsuccessful), but it really didn’t affect our review of the dishes we received. I think the last three sentences of the review were fair and honest. Thanks for the comment. Jeff

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