Fish Shack. This small local fish restaurant serves some of the best food around. It’s located in a slightly off the beaten path in a small strip mall west of US1. With only four tables and eight seats at a small bar, you might be in for a wait if you get here at peak times. Let’s just say it’s worth the short wait.

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We arrived Saturday for lunch just before noon and the place was already packed. We waited for about 10-15 minutes and got seated at a table. The menu has all kinds of seafood in sandwich, salad or platter form. They even have some non seafood items to suit all tastes.

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We ordered and the food started coming out fairly quickly. First came out the Lobster Bisque. Creamy and fresh, we really liked it. We’ve had some in other places that tasted like fish…this tasted like Lobster Bisque. Score!

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A side salad came out next, which was a side item pick for the Blackened Swordfish Platter. A fresh mix of greens with cucumbers and tomato and we were satisfied with the choice. The vinaigrette dressing was really good and tasted house made.

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Soon after the main stars of lunch came out. The Blackened Swordfish Platter was a great choice. Just enough spice to not overpower the swordfish and it was cooked perfectly. Meaty and quite a large portion. The other side item we chose was rice. I know it might look a bit ordinary, but they get some great flavor into this rice. Not overcooked or too hard…the tender rice tastes like it is made with some kind of stock.

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We also ordered the ‘Famous’ Conch Salad. The server did give us a ‘heads up’ that it is on the spicy side since some customers get surprised when they dig in. When it was dropped off…it looked amazing. After the first bite, we knew this would be our favorite salad. The conch was so tender and meaty. It was a little spicy and seemed to be in ceviche type dressing. We still can’t get over how good this salad was and it was a nice portion size too.

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This is one of our go-to lunch spots and while we didn’t want to post a review so it could be our secret place, it is just too good not to share. We hope they keep up the great food!

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Top Tips on your next visit to Fish Shack:
Get here when they open to avoid a wait. It’s a small place with limited parking and seating.
Order it to go. No waiting no fuss…just great food.
Wait to hear the fresh catch that isn’t on the menu.
Beer is served! Fried fish and chips sound great with a beer!
GPS the directions…it can be a little tricky to find.

Fish Shack is located at 2862 NE 17th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL

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