Fresh Harvest Breakfast. Our vote for the fastest and cheapest breakfast in Fort Lauderdale area is the Fresh Harvest buffet at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino.  In the past, the casino lured customers with a $4.95 breakfast promotion, but that’s been long replaced with their Player’s Club point program.  Still, the current price of $7.95 per person is still cheaper than going to McDonalds.  You pay first then the hostess will sit you at your table, take your drink order and you help yourself to any of the multiple food stations.  It’s a circular layout with food on both sides. They have the typical stuff that every buffet has – scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit, breads, blah, blah, blah. We always make a bee-line for the popular omelet station.  They really make flipping eggs in the air look easy, but as often as I try, mine never turn out the same or even land in the pan.

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Grab a plate and get in line. Sometimes the line is ten people deep, but they have 5-6 plates going at once so it’s a quick wait.  All the fixings are right in front of you so you can point to what you want and they have both real eggs or egg beaters available.  There’s also a waffle stand just off to the side as well.  As you get to the front of the line, you’ll notice a pile of scattered one dollar bills just laying on the counter.  It’s customary to tip the cook, so just throw another one to the pile just as he hands you the plate.  Besides, you’re only going to lose that dollar in the casino later.  Might as well give it to the cook.

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Tips for your visit to Fresh Harvest buffet:

  • Bacon lovers – We’ve had the best bacon at this place. Make sure your chair is facing in the direction of the bacon section so you can watch when they bring out a new tray.  I’ll apologize now if that was you I bumped into as I was racing to get the first pick.
  • Cheese lovers – They have both white and yellow cheeses available and they add it just at the end of cooking. When asked if you want it, make sure to say “yes, and a lot of both” and you’ll end up with an giant overstuffed center like a warm grilled cheese sandwich. Most of the time, I’ll just eat half of the eggs and always all of the cheese.
  • During your meal, the wait staff will stop by to check on you.  Make sure to ask for a cup to take your drink.  It saves you the hassle from having to order another in the casino.
  • Skip the meat station with the pretty looking ham.  It’s always dry.  Also pass on the white sausage gravy for the biscuits – it has zero flavor.
  • Restrooms are outside the buffet in the casino. It’s a long walk so plan accordingly.
  • If you gamble in the casino, sign up for the Players Club because you can apply your points as a discount on your meal.  Since I only play the penny slots, I’ve only ever gotten a few dollars discounted off the bill. But still, something off is better than full price.


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