Farmhouse Kitchen in Boca Raton was today’s plan for a healthy lunch.  The restaurant is actually located in the old Gary Rack’s restaurant Table 42 Italian Kitchen + Wine Bar and trades the Italian concept for one that they say is ‘designed for clean eating’.   

Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

The décor is quite nice with light greens with a mix of natural wood to brick and steel.  Inside, there is not a lot of seating with some large booths and a few tables on the perimeter of the space.  You can see into the kitchen along with the pizza oven that was glowing orange from the flames.  I liked the overall look and thought it was very inviting.

Gary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen Gary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen       

The weather was perfect today, so we chose to sit outside on the expansive patio.  The light green theme carried outside with mostly table seating.  My side of the table was one of the few ‘booth’ seats that ran along the wall and they were very comfortable.  We also noticed lots of string lights on the ceiling, which probably set a really nice tone at night.

Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

Our server was over quickly and went over the menu (knowing it was our first time) along with the ‘sustainable water filtration system’ they have on site.  The $1.50 cost for the water gets you unlimited refills and a portion is donated to local charities.   We both went for the $1.50 water.

Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

While we are not sure how different the dinner menu is, the lunch menu highlights vegetables and grains.  Meat lovers will find some choices here too, but your options are a bit more limited.  Starters consisted of all vegetarian options except for the lentil + bison tacos.  The ‘Eat Your Vegetables’ section was quite large and looked like they could also be appetizers as well. 

Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

There are some interesting salad combinations and you add a number of different proteins like bison, salmon, veggie burger, shrimp and chicken.  The Flatbreads on the menu had some interesting combinations like butternut squash + brussels sprouts and cauliflower + kale.  If you prefer your meat, the Sandwich section is for you with choices like buffalo burger, fish sandwich and the chicken apple melt.  Main Plates are the large entrees and also sounded very good, like the turkey kabobs or the maple miso glazed salmon.  Our server listed a few specials and also made some suggestions, which we ended up taking him up on.

Gary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen Gary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

The patio was very relaxing and we actually got to see the Gary Rack himself chatting with some diners and generally overseeing the lunch service.  It seemed like most of the diners were not on a time schedule and there seemed to be lots of wine and drinks being served.  Must be nice to be off work.  While service did move along, the food seemed to come out at a more relaxed pace than expected, but it was worth it!

Wood oven artichoke ($11) – herb vinaigrette & lemon dip.  The presentation was amazing.  The whole artichoke was cut in half and cooked perfectly.  The delicate ‘heart’ was tender and had tons of flavor.  I’m not sure what they put on it when they cooked it, but it was amazing.  The lemon dip was also packed with flavor.  I’m guessing that is yogurt based with lemon and herbs, which would go well with anything you put it on.

 Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

Grilled shrimp sandwich special with skillet roasted brussels sprouts ($18).  Since it wasn’t on the menu, I’ll try to remember everything that was on it.  Butterflied grilled shrimp with herbs, avocado, kale pesto, tomato on a multi-seeded toasted roll.  I’m not sure which type of sprouts were on it, but they were fresh and tasted amazing.  It was a large sandwich and actually a bit on the messy side, in a good way. 

Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

The shrimp were in every bite and quite fresh and the pesto tied it all together nicely.  The sandwiches come with a choice of a side and I went with the skillet roasted brussels sprouts.  These were actually quite good and it was refreshing to not have the fried version so many other places do.  I didn’t even miss the ‘balsamic glaze’ that usually is a must for my brussels. 

 Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

Chicken apple melt with sweet potato fries + maple dipping sauce ($13).  This was a huge sandwich and it looked like they took great care with the preparation.  The cranberry walnut bread was a good twist and the chicken was cooked perfectly.  The server had suggested the sweet potato fries with the maple dipping sauce and he was spot on with it.  The sauce was balanced well and Chris couldn’t get enough of it.  The crisp sweet potato fries were the perfect vehicle to get all of this great sauce too.  Chris was very happy with his choice.

 Gary Rack Farmhouse KitchenGary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen

We were impressed that things did move along quite well given that the Farmhouse Kitchen is so new.  The food was definitely high in quality and flavor and everything we ordered was a hit.  The prices are more in the mid-range, but given the concept and location it’s a bit expected.  With that said, there are a few lower cost items that allows those on a budget the chance to give them a try.  We liked all the different combinations of vegetables and flavors that you don’t find in many restaurants and would definitely head back to the Farmhouse Kitchen.

Gary Rack Farmhouse Kitchen 

The Farmhouse Kitchen is located at 399 Se Mizner Blvd Boca Raton, FL 33432.

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