Gimme A Burger restaurant is located in Deerfield Beach, just about a block east of Charm City Burgers.  While both offer burgers and more, they are different in appearance and food preparation.   We arrived on a Saturday for lunch review and there were a few people sitting inside dining. 

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You order at the counter and they bring your food to your table, making this a ‘fast-casual’ joint.  The restaurant menu is heavy on burgers with a ‘single’ or ‘double’ version on the ‘make your own’ side.  They also have ‘infusion burgers’ which is the burger meat, ‘infused’ or mixed with specialty items.  The Bacon & Coffee infused burger won an award at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino Baconfest a few years ago and they proudly display the trophy. 

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They also have a bison/buffalo burger some chicken options and wings (which were recently added to the menu).  Sides are fries (regular or sweet potato), salad or onion rings.  I also noticed some craft beers on tap as well.

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Inside the restaurant is very ‘modern’ with white, orange and wood tones.  There are lots of tables and some seating outside.  The restroom is unisex and doesn’t have multiple stalls.  I believe the owner or manager was behind the counter and was very friendly with us while the cashier took our order.  He even gave us a free small sample of the vanilla/chocolate custard.  It was amazing.  If we hadn’t filled up on all the food, we would have gotten one after our meal.  Jeff ordered the Steakhouse infusion burger combo with fries, with extra bacon.  I ordered the 8 piece wings with Garlic Mojo sauce combo with onion rings.  The order process went smoothly and we paid, took our number, got our soda and took our seats. 

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After we were seated for a few minutes, the cashier came over to me and said that they were out of Garlic Mojo sauce and asked for an alternate choice.  While we really wanted to try the mojo, my second choice was the lemon pepper.  It seemed to take a little longer than usual to get our order, but I’m thinking it was because of the wings.  Soon enough, they brought out our food.  We actually split our order so we both got to try the burger and the wings. 

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The wings were a nice size and they were very hot, fresh from the fryer.  The sauce wasn’t too lemony and had a nice balance.  I also liked the fact that the wings were not swimming in sauce.  Overall these were good wings and the celery served on the side was fresh, crisp and cool. 

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The onion rings were a bit soft in the middle, but the coating was crunchy.  I would probably stick to the fries on our next visit.

 Gimme a burger 06

The steakhouse burger looked AMAZING.  The presentation here sets the bar much higher here than at a few others in the immediate area.  The menu states that the steakhouse burger is Infused w/steak sauce, mushrooms and topped w/Tabasco fried onions.  It was really good meat with a slight crunch from the fried onions.  I couldn’t really taste the Tabasco, but there was so much going on, it probably contributed to the overall flavor and I just didn’t realize it.  The one thing I did notice is that the bacon is a bit inconsistent here.  They used to have the best bacon around…thick, smoky and worth an extra order.  Today’s still tasted good, but was a thinner cut.  The burger was cooked medium to the requested temperature and overall we really enjoyed it.  The fries were good and they were served with a side of special dipping sauce (or maybe this was for the burger). 

Gimme a burger 09 Gimme a burger 15

Gimme a Burger restaurant usually runs some great specials and deals and it’s worth signing up at the counter when you order.  I’ve gotten some free fries and custard this way.  This part of Deerfield Beach has many burger places and Gimme a Burger is one that will be a repeat.

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