***UPDATE January 2015 – Good Guys is CLOSED and the location has reopened as NYC Sandwich Company***

My new restaurant search brought me to Good Guys Grill in Deerfield Beach.  Part of the fun when you stop into a newly opened restaurant is seeing how efficiently they’re running.  New restaurants always have some issues to iron out from training and food quality and while some say it might not be fair to review such a new spot, we disagree.  Reviews of new restaurants are a great device for owners to use to improve and become successful.  We also like to see when a new spot just ‘knocks it out of the park’ with food and service so early in the game.  Good Guys Grill falls into both categories, keep reading to see why.

Good Guys GrillGood Guys Grill

The location of Good Guys Grill is in the more ‘industrial’ area of Powerline Road in Deerfield Beach.  The building is easy to spot, just south of SW 10th street and you might have even been to this location when it was one of a few other restaurants that opened and closed over the years.  Parking is on site and they have a limited number of spots so you might have to be creative if they ramp up at peak hours.  At the back of the building is a dining area patio and while it looks like there are ordering windows on the outside of the building, there aren’t.  The inside has some counter seating that overlooks the large open kitchen.  Everything has a fresh coat of paint so it looks new, but décor is kept to a minimum which I liked.

Good Guys GrillGood Guys Grill

The menu covers both breakfast and lunch and their hours are from 7AM – 3 PM Monday through Saturday.  Breakfast is served all day, so that can open up your options quite a bit with items like omelets, pancakes, tortillas and sandwiches.  Lunch options include a daily hot plate special, Cuban sandwiches, Philly cheese steak and burgers.  They also have Cuban Coffee and some other Latin dishes.

Good Guys Grill

Things were a bit confusing when I walked in as I wasn’t sure who to give my order to.   I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to tell the guy in the kitchen my order first, or tell the person taking the money.  It looked like the cashier was new (it was her first day) and was just being trained.  She seemed a bit timid and that won’t work in a place like this when things can get really busy quick.  She didn’t approach me for maybe about 10 minutes, rather was fumbling with paper next to the register.  Finally, she approached me for my order and I ordered a Philly cheesesteak with fries.  The cashier was having issues with the credit card swipe so one of the owners came in to help (Marty Guy I believe).

Good Guys Grill

While I waited for my order, I was thinking to myself that the ordering process really should be tweaked.  I didn’t see any ticket system being used and when things get busy, this is important.  I would later discover, on my breakfast stop the next day, that it was the cashier that was not following the system.  It’s amazing on how just one person can change the whole flow of the restaurant.

Good Guys Grill

The Philly cheesesteak looked really good and I couldn’t wait to dig in.  I was informed that the beef was freshly sliced that morning and it was fresh and tasty.  The cheese was melted perfectly, nice and gooey and held everything in the soft, fresh roll very well.  I didn’t get onions (my co-workers would be happy of that) and the green peppers and mushrooms were really fresh as well.  The fries brought me back to college and the College Dog in Ypsilanti (EMU).  I swear these tasted exactly like the College Dog back in the day.  These are not your fresh cut fries, they’re frozen from a bag, but they were actually good and the kind of fries you expect at a fast sandwich grill.  The big surprise of the lunch was the small portion of pasta salad that was served with the Philly cheesesteak.  It was so fresh and tasted very homemade with celery, carrots and tomato in a light vinaigrette.  If I would have known it was so good, I would have gotten a large container to go.

Good Guys Grill

The Philly cheesesteak, fries and a can of soda cost just over $7.00 which is a good deal and worth another visit for lunch.

Good Guys Grill

And now the breakfast review.  Got there shortly after 7 AM (opening time) and there was no wait.  The owners were hard at work cooking and training.  It appears that they were training a new order taker/cashier this morning and I can say that there was a definite improvement from yesterday.  They used the notepad to take orders, but used them as tickets for the kitchen!  They did have the ticket process, but it looks like the trainee yesterday just wasn’t using it.  Things also looked to be running much smoother overall, which was great to see and a good sign that I was there on an ‘off’ for lunch.  My breakfast was cooked to order and didn’t take long at all, maybe 5 minutes.

Good Guys Grill Breakfast Good Guys Grill Breakfast

I ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a Kaiser roll and a side of potatoes ($5.00).  The sandwich was actually much bigger than I expected, actually a lot bigger.  The two eggs were cooked perfectly and were still hot from the grill and it melted the cheese perfectly.  There was cheese on both sides of the bun too which I really liked.  The bacon was thicker than most places and had a nice salty/smoky flavor.  The red skin potatoes were fresh, not too soft with just the right amount of spice.  Good job guys!

Good Guys Grill Breakfast  4

I’m glad to see the two owners seem to have things in order and I’m sure with the right staff, will be very successful.  The concept fits for the area and is the perfect place to grab breakfast and/or lunch on the go and I can say from talking to them they were ‘Good Guys’.

Good Guys GrillGood Guys Grill

Good Guys Grill is located at 1380 South Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach FL.

Here is a new menu I just picked up in November 2014.  It’s expanded quite a bit and we are going to have to head back to try more menu items.

Good Guys Grill Menu November 2014 (2)Good Guys Grill Menu November 2014 (3)

Good Guys Grill Menu November 2014 (1)Good Guys Grill Menu November 2014 (4)

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