Tucked away in the Peppertree Plaza in Margate Florida is the Peruvian Restaurant Gordo’s Grill. This was our first visit here and we definitely plan on being back.

Gordo Grill PeruvianGordo Grill Peruvian

The inside of Gordo’s Grill might not be the flashiest Latin Restaurant around, but they make up for the modest decor with the friendly service and tasty food. The big screen TV makes for perfect for soccer fans watching today. The space is quite large and there are lots of tables ranging from high-tops to regular 4 tops. We also can tell by the set up of the dining room that it’s a perfect spot for large groups of family and friends.

Gordo Grill PeruvianGordo Grill Peruvian

The menu is Peruvian with other familiar items found in many Latin restaurants in the area. We stuck to the lunch specials with all were priced very reasonably. Our server was friendly and prompt, while also seemed a bit rushed. While getting our drinks, another server dropped off the most addictive snacks. We’re not sure the real name and think they might be a corn nut called Cancha and these were the largest kernels of corn we’ve seen. They were crunchy like a nut and possibly were deep fried or pan fried.

Gordo Grill PeruvianGordo Grill Peruvian

Sodas were included with our lunch special and they are served via cans. Jeff’s order came out first, maybe 20 minutes after ordering and mine shortly followed.

Gordo Grill Peruvian

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken Lunch Special ($8.50) – served with choice of two sides (black beans and white rice) and soda. This was the biggest 1/2 chicken we’ve seen in a restaurant in a long time. I started with the white meat and found it tender and juicy. In fact, this was probably the juiciest white meat rotisserie chicken around. The meat was a bit in the salty side, but I didn’t mind. The skin was crisp and cooked to a nice golden brown and seasoned well. The portion as so large I took half home for another meal. The black beans were really good as well as the rice. Overall a great choice and awesome value.

Gordo Grill PeruvianGordo Grill Peruvian

Churrasco a la Parilla Lunch Special ($9.95). Grilled skirt steak served eight choice of two sides (fried yucca and plantains) with soda. The menu mentioned his dish was served with chicken soup, but we think Jeff was offered a choice of sides instead since it wasn’t dropped off. The skirt steak itself had lots of flavor and was tender. The cut made it look very rustic and Jeff said he really liked it with the sauce served on the side. The fried yucca was fresh, but we found we are not really a yucca fan. It was more starchy than a potato and needed something to elevate the flavor. The plantains were sweet and delicious.

Gordo Grill PeruvianGordo Grill Peruvian

While talking to one of our servers, we asked what the table next to us ordered because it looked amazing. She explained that they some regulars that order authentic Peruvian dishes that are not on the menu. She told us the name of the dish (twice) but us gringos still didn’t catch the name, let alone know how to pronounce it correctly. She also suggested that we try the ceviche on our next visit as it’s their specialty. She was really nice to spend the time talking with us and we will definitely take her suggestion on our next visit.

Gordo Grill PeruvianGordo Grill Peruvian

Gordo’s Grill is located at 5634 W Sample Rd, Margate, FL 33073.

Gordo Grill Peruvian Gordo Grill Peruvian

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