We love BBQ and always wanted to try Hickory Sticks BBQ restaurant on Cypress Creek Road in Fort Lauderdale.  Today was the day.  It’s a small stand alone building and when you pull up, there is no question it’s a BBQ joint.  The outside screams Southern BBQ and looks cool.  It’s a fast casual spot where you order at the counter and they bring the food out to you when it’s finished.

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They have all the favorites here like Beef Brisket, Pork, Sausage, Turkey, Chicken and Ribs.  You can chose a sandwich or a platter and they have some salads and soups to add on as well.

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This was Jeff’s lunch and I got to sample everything.  The previous restaurant had service issues and I only got my meal so he was hungry.  He ordered the two meat platter – Beef Brisket and Pork with Collard Greens and Mac & Cheese.  The other sides they offer that we didn’t order also looked really good…the fries looked fresh cut and thick and the spicy slaw sounded interesting but we only got a choice of two.

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The dining room is very clean and they have so many things on the walls and cool decorations that you might see a new thing every time you visit.  There are lots of tables and some counter/stools around so we didn’t have an issue finding a seat.  The BBQ sauce is sweet or spicy and you add it yourself, which we liked.

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The plate came out fairly quickly.  The portion was big and the meat looked awesome with a light smoke ring around each piece.  Both meats were not dry at all and very tender.  We didn’t seem to taste a lot of ‘smoke’ but the meat was still really good.  It was more like a roast than smoked meat in our option..but later the leftovers would reveal more flavor.  The leftovers were actually really good and made the best sandwiches.  The sides are where the meal didn’t excel for us.  The collard greens had a strange ‘sweetness’ to them that we had not tasted anywhere else.  The mac & cheese had flavor, but was a little too watery.  The corn cake was really good and almost like a bread pudding.

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Overall it was a good value and the meat was great.  We would try different sides next time (the fries for sure) and most definitely the ribs as well. Hickory Sticks BBQ is located at 899 E Cypress Creek Rd Fort Lauderdale, FL

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