Really House of Dog??? $26 for a burger, fries and a soda and $16 for a hot dog, onion rings and a soda.  Honestly, I’m still in total shock each time I look at this receipt.

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With that out of the way, we stopped in today for a carry out lunch order at House of Dog in Boca Raton.  They’re a funky new Kosher spot in West Boca and specialize in Hot Dogs, Burgers and Sausages.  House of Dog is in a separate building from the strip mall, so they have room for outside dining (weather permitting).  We’re doing carry out today to get back to the office quicker and sat at the bar to look over the menu.  The inside is a long and narrow space with lots of seats and they also have a ‘bar’.  Craft beer is the star at the bar with a huge selection of bottled beer and I believe four beers on tap.  They did a nice job on the remodel of the place with lots of wood and dark colors with those new trendy ‘old fashioned’ light bulbs hanging over the tables.  It’s a cool looking spot that is comfortable and clean.

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We were greeted by one of the servers and she gave us some time to look over the menu.  We originally were given the ‘take out’ menus.  The menu has so many pages, you’d swear it rivals Cheesecake Factory’s. So confusing.  After a few minutes the server checked on us and gave us one of the main restaurant menus and said it’s easier to read and gave us a quick overview. You pick your meat (burger, dog, sausage, etc.) and then pick your toppings.  Okay, that sounds really easy, but the confusion is are the pages and pages of special combo toppings.  And the pricing is another confusion.  Many of the topping combos range in price from $2.10 to about $4.50.    You take the price of your meat selection, then add in the additional charges for combo ‘special’ topping and you end up with sticker shock.

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We made our selections and the server took our orders using an iPad mini which is kinda cool.  My co-worker’s (Chris) order came to over $16 and mine came to $26 with tip!  WHAT???.  Oh…and that ‘to-go’ menu states “prices subject to change without notice”. Well, they’re not kidding.  The price of fries on the to-go menu was $3.95, but the real price is $4.95.  Is there a fry shortage driving up prices?  Be warned.  You also sign the iPad for credit card payments and they have predetermined tips amounts that you can select.  Not sure I like this feature.  You sign with your finger and you can have your receipt emailed or printed.

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We didn’t have to wait too long for our order.  Everyone was friendly and helpful, so I’m guessing the overall table service here would be good as well.  But I’m still in shock over the price of my lunch…$26 for a burger, fries and a soda.  I was really wondering what this lunch was going to look like…which made the ride back to work seem very long.

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Once back at work, we unpacked and checked out all of the food.  Chris ordered the Classic Beer Infused Dog with the ‘special toppings’ of the Hot Date – Dates, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Jalapeno, Pickles, Siracha Sauce, Curry Ketchup.  He added on a side of onion rings and a soda.  He didn’t save his receipt but his total was just over $16.  The dog looked really good, loaded with all kinds of toppings.  The classic dog comes on a pretzel roll unless you ask for another type.  The bacon…is beef bacon (it’s a Kosher restaurant) which we didn’t realize until we saw it on our sandwiches.  He actually really liked his hot dog and said the actual frank was larger than most (he actually said it was the best hot dog he had in a very long time…and I’ll add probably the most expensive).  The onion rings were kind of bland and when I tried them…they reminded me of the frozen ones you bake at home.  While he really liked the hot dog, he didn’t think it was all worth the price.

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My choice was the All American 8 oz. Beef Burger on a pretzel bun.  I added the ‘special topping’ combo Big Apple – Applewood Smoked Bacon, Figs, Sautéed Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic Aioli.  This made the burger cost run up to $15.25 ($10.95 for the burger PLUS $4.30 for the special toppings).  Crazy expensive.  I added on a side of Belgian Fries and a soda.  The fries were wedges that had a coating on them.  I’m going to guess they were also of the frozen variety (like the onion rings)…they had a familiar taste that I couldn’t put my finger on.  I didn’t really like them and left half (never a good sign).  The burger was actually quite large in size with a lot of toppings (it better be for $15!).  The burger meat was hand formed and I’m guessing mixed in house.  It had a nice flavor and cooked to a temperature of about medium.  It did seem a bit dry, so I’m thinking they use a leaner cut of beef.  The bacon was ‘beef’ which I’m not a fan of.  It was too chewy for my taste and looked more like turkey bacon to me.  The figs were good and piled on and the tomato was fresh.  The garlic aioli was a little underwhelming.

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While the service was good, my meal wasn’t worth the $26.  If you dine in and order a beer or two you’d probably need a small loan just to pay the bill.  The menu is way too confusing, the selection was too large and the sides we ordered were not unique or tasty enough to stand out.  Add all this up and I’m sorry to say that House of Dog is in the Dog House for us.

House of Dog is located at 21077 Powerline Road, Boca Raton, FL.
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