Lunchtime this week brought me and my co-worker Chris to Ichiyami Buffet, Sushi & Bar located in Boca Raton.  The parking can be a bit tight in Royal Palm Place at lunch, but we got lucky and found a spot right away.  The outside dining area wasn’t open, but we wanted to dine inside anyway.  The place was fairly busy and we were immediately sat and drink orders placed.  Looking around, this newer Asian buffet looks very stylish. 

Ichiyami BuffetIchiyami Buffet

Lots of nice stone work and colorful accents give it a more ‘upscale’ look.  There is a bar to the left as you walk in, but nobody was drinking lunch today.  The red fringe hanging from the ceiling was cool looking and the mural on one of the walls fit in well. 

Ichiyami BuffetIchiyami Buffet         

This is an Japanese – Asian buffet restaurant, so there was no need to look over a menu.  We do however, suggest you scope out all of the options prior to loading up your plate.  This buffet is HUGE and it snakes all along the right wall and is also all along the back wall.  The buffet line is set up in sections, making it easy to navigate.  Let me give you the rundown. Ichiyami Buffet Ichiyami Buffet

Starting at the front you have your sashimi and sushi items.  All kinds of rolls and combinations can be found and cover both the ‘raw’ and ‘cooked’ spectrum.  I’ve heard that they will even make you specialized rolls (within reason).    You then come to some salad items which include some items like shrimp, seaweed and asparagus.  Next up, disserts and fruit which seemed a bit odd to have in the middle of the line. 

Ichiyami BuffetIchiyami Buffet

The buffet line along the back consists mostly of their ‘hot’ items.  Chinese and Japanese favorties are found here like pot stickers, spring rolls, chicken teriyaki and General Tso chicken (just to name a few).  There were a number of classic stir fry dishes as well as some vegetable choices.  Soups were also present with selections like Miso, wonton, hot and sour and bisque.  At the end of the line sits the hibachi station.  Here you pick your meat, veggies and sauce and the guy will grill it up fresh for you.

 Ichiyami BuffetIchiyami Buffet

The sushi was very fresh and actually seemed to be a bit higher in quality than some other buffets and a definite step up from grocery store sushi.  Both of us liked every sushi roll we tried (and we both tried a lot!).

Ichiyami Buffet Ichiyami Buffet

There were a number of hot dish items that stood out.  The marinated mushrooms were packed with flavor and big enough to be almost ‘meaty’ in texture.  The pot stickers were perfectly cooked and delicate in flavor with a thin wonton skin.  I really liked the chicken teriyaki and the grilled chicken skewers were also a stand out.  The ‘crispy calamari’ was a bit too chewy and not crisp which was a bit disappointing.  I also tried the Miso soup and found it up to temperature and very tasty.

 Ichiyami BuffetIchiyami Buffet

We both ate so much, but had to try some of the desserts.  We both found the mini cream brulee to be a bit bland and thick in texture and the cream puffs were a bit stale.  Chris liked the chocolate cake with espresso and didn’t care for the mystery custard with the red/pink syrup.  They have a large selection of ice cream as well and Chris seemed to really enjoy that. Ichiyami BuffetIchiyami Buffet

The service was typical of most buffets and our plates were cleaned away promptly.  The price for lunch (Monday-Friday) is only $11.95 (drinks are additional) which is a great value.  The food seemed to be turned over quickly and we only found a few items that needed freshening up.  Ichiyami Buffet, Sushi & Bar raises the price on weekends as they offer a few more ‘upscale’ items on the line, so be sure to check the prices ahead of time.  While you might not find the best sushi and Asian dishes around at Ichiyami Buffet, Sushi & Bar, but in the Boca Raton/North Broward area, you can’t beat the value for this type of cuisine.  There seem to be endless choices here and you get to try a lot of different items that you normally would pass up at any non-buffet restaurant.  Ichiyami Buffet

Ichiyami Japanese Buffet, Sushi & Bar is located at 145 SE Mizner Blvd Ste 16B Boca Raton, FL 33432.

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  1. ward November 5, 2014 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Uh oh, just got hit with dirty dining by the state

  2. Mark November 14, 2014 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Well at least my co-worker Chris and I didn’t get any rumbles in the tummy after our visit. They hid these issues quite well.

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