Jasmine Thai & Sushi restaurant is located on 441/State Rd 7 in Margate.  I will start by saying that this is one of the best Thai & Sushi spots around. We’ve eaten here once before and really looked forward to a second visit to post this restaurant review.  They recently moved to this new location and it has done wonders for them.  While we didn’t see the old location, this new location is sleek, stylish and very modern.  They have a patio outside that is nicely done, but we chose to sit inside since this place looks so cool.

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We were sat immediately and our drink orders were taken.  The restaurant has high ceilings with exposed air duct work…more like a modern loft in a large city.  Wrapped around the ducts were rope lights.  I know it sounds like it could look a bit tacky, but it works here.  There are booths and tables all around and also a sushi bar if you want to be up close and personal with our aquatic choices.  The chairs and booths are dark which looks nice compared to the light walls and tile.  The lighting fixtures were modern and the background music was great.  It was relaxing cool vibe music that we often hear at the upscale hotel lobbies on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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Our server brought over the drinks right away and gave us a few minutes to pour over the menu.  Oh…Jeff ordered unsweetened iced tea and they serve it with a little jug of honey.  A really nice touch.

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The menu has your Thai staple items like soups, noodles and appetizers.  They have a small plates section that appear to be slightly larger than an appetizer but smaller than an entrée.  They have some specialty items that are unique here and some grilled meats like Kobe Beef.  Their sushi menu is quite good and we have had sushi here in a prior visit and were quite happy.  We finally made our choice…no going back now.

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First the soups came out.  The Wonton Soup was really good.  The broth was not overly salty and the soup was loaded with all kinds of veggies.  Celery tops, carrots along with the Chicken Wontons tied the whole bowl together for me.  We will be ordering this again.  The other bowl was the Seafood Lemon Soup.  Shrimp, Calamari and a crab stick made this a good choice for seafood lovers.  The broth was slightly spicy and you could taste the slight tartness from the lemon.  Another great choice.

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We also went for the Shrimp Sumai.  Steamed dumplings with shrimp that looked like little packages waiting to be dunked into the dipping sauce.  The shrimp flavor did come through, but you really needed to use the sauce to punch up the flavor a bit.

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Now, onto the entrees.  I ordered the Frog Legs Basil.  Okay, stop making that face.  Never tried frog legs?  Well, they do have a similar taste to chicken with a little more chew to the meat.  The Frog Legs Basil had lightly coated sautéed frog legs and they infuse them in a light basil sauce with ginger, red peppers and onions, also topped with ground chicken.  This dish blew my mind.  While it wasn’t heavy in basil flavor, it was packed with so many layers I didn’t miss the basil punch.  Actually, I’m quite glad it was more mild in basil because it can overpower something quite easy.  The frog legs were fresh and done perfectly…not dry at all.  The side of stir fried veggies were cut into neat little shapes and I couldn’t get enough of them.  You can tell they take their time with the prep and presentation with every dish and it shows.  I chose brown over white rice, which was good…but I found no reason to need it.  The entrée portion was so huge that I didn’t want to fill up on rice. And the presentation of the rice was simple but very eye-catching – a perfect four-sided pyramid.

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Jeff ordered the Coo Chee Shrimp.  This entrée had five jumbo shrimp that were broiled and sautéed with mushrooms, herbs and drenched with curry sauce served with stir fried veggies. This was a very nice presentation with huge jumbo shrimp.  They were so fresh and not overcooked.  Tender with a slight snap when you bit them, they had a nice shrimp flavor as well.  The curry was mild and went well with the whole dish.  He chose white rice and mixed it into the curry to create quite a large entrée portion.

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We were so full at this point and didn’t have enough room to try the Fried Ice Cream or Fried Banana with honey.  Next time for sure, unless we can’t stop eating our entrees again.  I will go out and say that Jasmine Thai & Sushi is one of the best Thai/Sushi restaurants we’ve been to.  Not only do we feel that the quality of food is high, the service is also great.  Food will not fly out of the kitchen here, but it’s not unacceptably slow.  We were not checking our watch and when you see the outcome of the effort put into every dish, the time doesn’t matter much anyway.

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Jasmine Thai & Sushi is located at 1785 North State Road 7, Margate FL.
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