A new Chinese take-out spot opened in Coral Springs recently and we had to check it out. J.C.’s Wok is located on W. Sample Rd in the Turtle Run Shopping Area, next to Burlington Coat Factory.

JC's WokJC's Wok

J.C.’s Wok looks like your typical small Chinese take-out spot with a fee tables for dining in. The decor is on the plain side, but for a take-out joint, you really don’t need much.  The space used to belong to another small deli-type restaurant and it looks like J.C.’s was able to move right in.

JC's WokJC's Wok

The girl at the counter was friendly and eager to take our order.  We snuck a peak at the menu online so we had an idea what we wanted. The menu has here is quite large and we think it might be the biggest around.  All the favorites from General Tso to Fried Rice with some healthy diet options. They even have a vegetarian chicken (tofu) dish as well.  The ordering went smoothly and she even gave some suggestions about their flavor profiles as so we were a bit different than most other places.  The wait was your typical 10-15 minutes you find at most Chinese take-out spots and we did notice they also offer delivery.

JC's Wok

Order accuracy was spot on and the food was still hot by the time we got home, about a 10 minute ride (I know not too far right?) We unpacked our food and let the sampling begin.

Wonton Soup quart (FREE with coupon ordering $17 or more in food). This soup was loaded with wontons, which is rare. We found the wontons ‘ok’ and the soup was a bit on the salty side.

JC's Wok JC's Wok

Hot and Sour soup pint ($1.95).  Nice and thick, this soup was pretty good.  The mushrooms were added at the end, so they were still a bit firm and fresh. Jeff is on a Hot and Sour soup kick lately and he said he really liked it.

JC's Wok JC's Wok

Boneless Spareribs small ($7.95).  When we opened the container, we both were surprised at what we saw. These were the biggest boneless ribs we had ever seen.  It almost looked like these were bone-in ribs at fist glance. They were not too fatty and not over sauced, which was great. They had the slightly sweet taste you expect from Chinese spare ribs, but also had a smoky background that was very interesting. These were probably my favorite boneless spears ribs I’ve had.

JC's WokJC's Wok

Bourbon Chicken small ($6.95).  The cashier noted that their version of this dish isn’t sweet like most, which was helpful. We still went ahead and ordered it and found her comment helpful. The sauce was unique and not like any Bourbon Chicken we’ve had. It was more on the savory side but still tasty. The boneless chicken was chopped in small prices and mixed with onions.

JC's WokJC's Wok

Black Pepper Chicken small ($6.95).  The boneless chicken pieces were larger in is dish and the sauce was packed with flavor. It was a balance of a pepper and salt with another layer that made it interesting, almost smoky.  The onions and green peppers were in large chunks and so fresh.  They were still a little firm and had a lot of flavor. This also make great leftovers the next day.

JC's WokJC's Wok

A nice job for a new restaurant that had only been open for week.

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  1. Stefanie March 21, 2015 at 6:26 pm - Reply

    The first two orders I placed for delivery were wonderful! However, this is the third and last time I support this business. The chicken chow mein had not one cooked noodle in it and was slimy with nothing but some spouts and boiled cabbage, Yuck! My combo platter was missing the spring roll which should’ve been included. I ordered several different chicken based soups, all of which were merely boiled water with vegetables and some chicken added in it which made it pretty much inedible.

    The worst part of all was when I spoke with the “Manager” (a young woman who answered the phone), her explanation was that was the way they cooked their dishes. She would replace the soups but not the chicken chow mein because I was incorrect that it should have included cooked noodles in it. She also had nothing to say about the horribly over salted, soggy french fries which I had ordered to be cooked well done. Btw – everything I ordered on the phone had been repeated back to me so the fact that all these mistakes happened is pathetic.

    Lastly, the driver had been told by her to call me & not ring the doorbell which he did not. Her answer to this was “Well, I told him to call you.” Nothing more. He was apologetic which was fine with me. But her apathetic attitude toward my entire experience was absolutely unacceptable. She apparently also spoke with the owner and I was put on hold while she did. She came back with the same apathetic, nonchalant answer. When I explained I was going to report this to the BBB, sure enough the same response. “Alright.” Nothing else. How this business can act like this when there is so much competition in the immediate is beyond me. I am really disgusted and regret spending $25 on my CC for inedible chicken and soups.

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