Jonny Chonga’s Burger & Burrito Co.  I was on my own for lunch today and since it was a weekday, I wanted to grab a burger at Jonny Chonga’s Burger & Burrito Co.  They are only open Monday through Friday for Breakfast and Lunch, so it doesn’t allow us to get here on the weekends.  It’s located in a rather industrial part of Pompano, on Powerline Rd. just south of Sample Rd. and the location doesn’t seem to hurt them one bit.
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The inside is quite large with high-top tables, some regular tables and a few sofas to kick back in .  There are a few TV’s up as well and I’m sure they would be happy to change the channel if they are not too busy.  They do a heavy take out and delivery business here but it’s also a comfortable place to dine in.  It’s got kind of an industrial feel but still comfortable.  It’s a bit dimly lit, but the windows let a lot of light in.
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The menu here is HUGE.  Salads, Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Burgers and more.  I can’t list all the options.  They also serve breakfast with some Mexican influence.  In speaking with the owner Johnny (get it…Johnny Chonga’s) he knows his stuff.  He told me that they’ve been open for about 2 years now and he has been in the restaurant business for close to 40 years.  He likes to open restaurants near collage campuses and keep to a delivery take-out model.  This location in Pompano does huge commercial delivery business and he loves that.  When I asked him why no Saturday or Sunday hours…he said “because I don’t want to”.  Honest answer and I completely understand.  He also said that all burgers are ground in-house daily and takes pride in that.  All that talk was making me hungry.
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The order went very smooth at the counter.  She also brought me some tortilla chips to munch on while I waited and I browsed their salsa bar.  I got some of the Fire Sauce and mild.  They were fresh and chilled…and I definitely made in house.
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After a few minutes my ‘appetizer’ came out – Fried Mac & Cheese.  These were three huge mounds of fried mac & cheese balls.  Johnny told me that they make them daily and while it’s labor intensive, it’s the best result.  These were huge!  They were still steaming hot from the fryer, so I cut into them with my fork.  I took the first bite and liked it.  While it was a bit greasy (uh…it’s deep fried), the taste was spot on….not overly salted at all and it didn’t have that processed taste that many places seem to have.
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Then out came the burger.  This is a huge burger!  Man…the presentation was great as well since you can see exactly what was on the burger.  I got the All American Burger  – American Cheese, Bacon, topped with onion rings.  I cut it in half to manage this massive burger and took my first bite.  This was a really good burger.  Not too greasy, not too salty and Johnny and team know how to make a good beef blend.  The bacon was fresh and smoky which is the perfect kind to pair with a burger.  The bun was soft and the perfect vehicle to hold it together.  I actually had to take half home with me since I was stuffed and couldn’t have another bite.
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This is a solid burger place for sure.  I didn’t try any of the Mexican dishes, so that will have to be on my second trip.  Johnny is a nice guy and you can tell he likes his business and the customers, which is great to see in a local owned spot.
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Jonny Chonga’s Burger & Burrito Co. is located at 2083 Powerline Rd. Pompano Beach FL.
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