2/14/14 – ***In late 2014, the owner of Katz’s Deli in Deerfield Beach was forced to change the name due to a copyright infringement (see details below) and the new Zax’s Deli was born.  Unfortunately, a recent drive-by revealed a for sale sign and a phone call revealed the number has been disconnected. ***

Zax's Deli For Sale

Zax's Deli for sale

Katz’s Deli in Deerfield Beach just opened this year and already they are getting a lot of buzz. It might not be for the reasons the owners were hoping for, but maybe there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’ right?  We will get to that controversy a bit later.

Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

I stopped into Katz’s Deli in Deerfield Beach today for lunch.  It’s tucked away in the Cove Shopping Center at Hillsboro Blvd just at the Intercoastal, so you can’t see it until you pull into the plaza.  I guess you could categorize Katz’s Deli as a ‘fast-casual’ option as I ordered at the counter and they brought my order out to me when it was ready.  My first impression of the restaurant is – white.  The décor is very white with white walls, white tiles with a faint blue hue, white tables and white chairs. 

Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

There is even a white piano near the front window.  There are autographed pictures of famous people all along the wall which gives the whole restaurant a minimalist type feel.  It’s clean and neat and the red logo really pops out as a feature on the wall by the kitchen.  You can see back into the kitchen area and it looked like they had a small coffee bar set up to the back of the dining area.  Mirrors make it look bigger and it also gives you a chance to check your face for pastrami when you leave.

 Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

The menu covers breakfast and lunch and you can find all of your favorite New York Deli items here.  From the ‘mile high’ sandwich to the specialty sandwiches, deli meat lovers will find it all.  Sandwiches come with your choice of bread and either potato salad or coleslaw.  You cannot substitute fries for any item, not even for an additional up-charge – I tried.  I was in the mood for roast beef so settled on The Jackie Mason – fresh hot roast beef, white American cheese with au jus gilled on my choice of bread.  I chose rye and coleslaw and added on a regular order of fries.  The person taking the order was friendly and she seemed to keep the counter running smoothly.  They also have delivery and she was helping to put those orders together too.

Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01 Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

They dropped off my soda (can) and the wait for my sandwich wasn’t that long.  They had a good number of people working, with two guys in the kitchen and they ran the food out.  The sandwich looked good and did have a nice pile of roast beef.  It was grilled and cooked with some of the au jus, so the bottom piece of bread was a little soggy, but I didn’t mind too much.  Cheese covered the top and bottom of the bread and was melted and creamy.  The meat itself was fresh and still a little rare on the inside making it seem extra juicy.  The small side of au jus could have used a bit more flavor, but I didn’t really need it.  The coleslaw was fresh, but a little bland.  I’d probably try the potato salad on a future trip.  The sandwiches are a bit on the pricey side and The Jackie Mason was $11.75.  I’d probably try one of the ‘New York Super Stuffed Heros’ next time as they come in small and large sizes.

 Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

The fries came out a few minutes after my sandwich and were hot out of the fryer.  They are of the ‘fresh cut’ variety with the skins still on.  They were a bit on the greasy side and a little soggy, but had a nice flavor with almost a minor sweetness.  Just a tweak to get these to come out crisp and I’d go out of my way to get them.

 Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

Now, onto the controversy surrounding Katz’s Deli Deerfield Beach.  While I was eating my lunch, I heard one of the owners talking to the customers a few tables over.  They had asked if they were affiliated with the Katz’s Deli in New York City.  My ears perked up because I knew there was currently an issue with that and was curious to hear the scoop.  The owner said they are not and that the Katz’s Deli in New York is currently suing them to change their name.  He didn’t go into details, but this story is actually all over the place.  The original Katz’s Deli in New York has some deep history and I believe they did trademark the name.  If that’s the case, the Katz’s Deli in Deerfield Beach just might have to do a name change.  While lawsuits are never good for business, it did give enough exposure locally to put them on my list to try.  I did talk to the owner for a few minutes and he was a really nice guy.  Hopefully things all work out in the end for Katz’s Deli Deerfield Beach and with a few tweaks here and there, they will find some new loyal customers whatever the name may be.

Katz Deli Deerfield Beach 01

Katz’s Deli Deerfield Beach is located at 1645 SE 3rd Ct Deerfield Beach, FL

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  1. Gordon June 21, 2014 at 9:45 am - Reply

    A bit pricy for a sandwich. I like deli’s and the food selection fits me.

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