We were running errands on Sunday and happen to pass the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant in Margate on State Road 7.  We remembered we had a BOGO coupon from Sunday’s paper. Buy One Get One 2 piece meal. How can we pass up free?

KFC Margate 1

This KFC location is one of the new ‘flashy’ ones.  The outside is updated and the inside is clean and modern.  It looks like the Ikea version of KFC.  They even had a sign that showed they have Free Wi-Fi.  Double bonus today.

KFC Margate 9KFC Margate 6KFC Margate 9KFC Margate 7

Ordering went smooth and they took the coupon without any issues.  So far so good.  The order was filled quickly and everyone was friendly here.  Nice to see this in a fast food chain. Our favorite is Original Recipe and we usually don’t stray.  Today was no different.  We find that KFC seems to have a consistency issue through its different stores.  Some are so bad, you’d swear they only put in 5 of the 11 secret herbs.  This Margate location served us tasty, fresh, not ‘too greasy’ fried chicken.  We can say that all 11 herbs were used in making this chicken.  Mashed potatoes were hot and the coleslaw was cold. The coleslaw also wasn’t drowning in liquid.

 KFC Margate 3KFC Margate 8KFC Margate 2

Overall a good visit and the perfect use of a FREE meal.

KFC Margate 4KFC Margate 5

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