Landlubber’s Raw Bar and Grill restaurant recently opened a second location in Broward County in the old Hurricane Wings spot in Coconut Creek on State Rd 7. We went in for dinner recently to check them out for a review. The location is a bit hidden from the Main Street in a strip mall, but there are a lot of residential communities being built in the area, so they might turn the luck around at this location.

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Walking in, we passed a few tables outside if you prefer (or smoke). We sat at a high top table and noticed that it didn’t look too different from when it was a Hurricane Wings.  It didn’t look outdated or old, but I would suggest a few updates to freshen it up. There is a small bar to sit at with a few TVs. They have a small craft beer selection with some good choices, not just a throw away selection. Our server came over right away and was friendly and welcoming. We had a few questions on the menu (it was slightly different than the one on-line), but she was very new and didn’t have some of the answers.  While it’s a learning curve, I do have a pet peeve about servers not knowing the regular menu inside and out.

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We ordered the six grilled garlic parmesan oysters to start. It was a special that night and our server said that all the seafood is fresh. While we waited we were greeted by someone else that was classing the sun shades and informed us that all dressings and sauces are made in house. Cool fact that I like to know.  So many places don’t do this and it shows.  A few minutes later our oysters came out. This was my first oyster ever….and it was great! Still bubbling a bit, the garlic and parmesan was a great combo and made a great bite. So far, we were liking our meal.

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We also wanted to try the soup. A cup each of the clam chowder and lobster bisque. The clam chowder had a lot of tender clams and was full of potatoes. It was good, but missed a little richness.  The lobster bisque was full of flavor and just the right richness. We both liked it and would choose the bisque again.

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Jeff ordered the Fish & Chips which also comes with a side of coleslaw. He asked the server to substitute the slaw for steamed broccoli and after some confusion, we thought she got it. When it came out it did have broccoli, but also had the coleslaw. Later we would find they charged extra for the broccoli. The fish was flaky, fresh and crisp. The batter wasn’t loaded with flavor, but many versions don’t flavor the batter. The fries were waffle cut and really good. Broccoli was really good and fresh.

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I ordered the Cajun fried catfish special that comes with two sides. I picked regular fries and broccoli. The catfish was fresh and tape coating was loaded with flavor. I liked it, but as it cooled off, it became a little tough. Spot on in flavor, maybe a tweak will have better carryover coating texture.  My fries were crinkle cut and I love crinkle fries and these didn’t disappoint.

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We had a ValPak $5 off coupon and I believe we made happy hour so got a few dollars off of the beers. We didn’t mention the broccoli / coleslaw issue, so we don’t know if the server made the mistake, or if they don’t substitute. We have read that the charge for extra sauce at their Plantation location, so you might want to ask if before you request any. We had a good meal and considering they are still quite new, they should do well. We will definitely try then again.

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