La Bohemia Grill is a little bit of Miami flavor hidden in Pompano Beach. We enjoyed our breakfast review and later returned for a lunch review.  It might be Latin restaurant with predominately Spanish speaking customers and wait staff, but these foodie gringos never felt out of place.  The restaurant is located on Powerline Road almost unseen from the main road with it tucked in the back of the shopping center.  We only discovered accidently it on the way to review another restaurant in the same building.

La Bohemia Grill La Bohemia Grill

Oddly, they have two front doors both open to the same room. The dining room seats 123 guests in two sections – counter seating with 12 stools and a much larger area with table seating.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia

Sitting at the counter, you’re facing a wall with a television in one corner and the coffee machine in the other.

La BohemiaLa Bohemia Grill

Luckily, they have great cell phone reception for the internet. Just outside the kitchen is the sandwich making area. This small area had two stainless steel walls along the back and side and a large glass window in the front.  We were very impressed on how spotlessly clean this entire area appeared.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

For breakfast, we were one of the first customers to arrive and sat at the counter knowing that’s where you get the best service.  Don’t worry, the menu includes an English translation.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

Fritos con Tocino ($4.95) – Eggs over medium with Bacon and French Fries.  The bacon appeared deep fried (not our favorite) but the fries were screaming hot (absolutely our favorite).

La Bohemia Gril Pompano BeachLa Bohemia Gril Pompano Beach

Bistec con Fritos ($6.95) – Eggs over medium with home fries and steak. The home fries and eggs were cooked well. But the steak while being a large portion was a pounded minute steak. I really shouldn’t expect too much for that price.  Luckily they have hot sauce.  WARNING: their bottled hot sauce is a scorcher. It’s not ketchup and a little goes a long way. Fortunately, my seat was within reach of the water pitcher.

La Bohemia Grill La Bohemia

Of course the real stars of the breakfast were the pressed Cuban toast and the Cuban Coffee.  We each had a basket of the buttered bread. Don’t even think about asking me to share mine.  Of course how can you go to a Spanish restaurant without having Cuban Coffee? What a perfect way to start your day then with a double dose rush of caffeine and sugar.

La Bohemia Gril Pompano BeachLa Bohemia Gril Pompano Beach

While Breakfast was great, lunch was a different story and just okay.  I took a co-worker (Danielle) to lunch on Friday at noon and the place was packed.  Almost every table was taken and being so busy, service was slow.  Extremely slow.  Got back to work late slow. Did I mention it was slow?

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

Sandwich Cubano (Cuban sandwich $6.50) – A pressed sandwich of ham, roast pork and cheese.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

Bohemia Especial ($8.95) – Same as the pressed Cuban sandwich except with Virginia ham, sweet ham, Spanish Sausage, roast pork, cheese and pickles. Definitely worth the extra few dollars.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

Of course is would be a sin to leave without us having a Cuban Coffee.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

Why drive 30 miles south to Miami when you can find the same Latin flavors closer to Fort Lauderdale at La Bohemia Grill. Would we return here? Most definitely for both breakfast and lunch. Only next time, we’ll plan on taking a little longer lunch hour.

La Bohemia GrillLa Bohemia Grill

Latin Bohemia Grill is located at 1261 N Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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