Latino’s Restaurant in Deerfield Beach has been open for over 10 years and has quite the loyal following.  They’ve expanded over the years and did some renovations and even own the small Latin grocery store next door.  We’ve stopped in several times in the past and figured it was time to head back for lunch. 

Latinos deerfieldLatinos deerfield        

Arrived just after noon, we were contemplating dining inside or sitting outside on the patio, but host must have been in a hurry and rushed us to an inside table.  The inside of Latino’s Restaurant is quite nice and is split into two sections (really three if you count the outside patio).  In the back, you find the counter service with sweets, breads and coffee with some café tables.  The other section is the larger dining room with dark wood and dim lighting.  They have built out the inside to almost feel that you are sitting ‘outside’ with some roof facades and such. They also have a bar area that is sure to pick up at night along with a stage where live Latin music also draws the crowds. 

  Latinos restaurant menu 1 Latinos restaurant menu 1

The menu seems smaller than our last visit a few years ago.  Latin favorites are listed with familiar dishes found in many Latin restaurants in the area, but we couldn’t really find any sandwiches.  They also serve sushi here, which seems to be a fusion of traditional sushi and Latin flavors.   Our server was over and greeted us in Spanish and quickly changed to English when my greeting was “Hi”.  If you are not well versed in Spanish, don’t worry because it seems all servers are bilingual (at least they are north of the Miami-Dade border).  The menu is also ‘bilingual’ with descriptions also in English.  We did run into some issues when our server had to explain the ‘daily special’ since some items do not translate into English well, but it all worked out. 

 Latinos deerfieldLatinos deerfield

The service started off well with sodas (served in the can here – bummer) and waters dropped off quickly.  After that, the service seemed to taper off a bit and we had trouble finding our server to get water refills.  We even had a longer than necessary wait for the check at the end of the meal. 

Menu Del Dia – Daily Special ($7.99) – Chicken with yellow rice, side salad and plantains with a bowl of bean soup.  The value for this special is amazing and probably one of the best in the area.  My co-worker Chris really liked the chicken and yellow rice and felt it had more chicken and vegetables than usual.  The salad was fresh, but a very small portion and was lacking salad dressing.  We didn’t know if the vinegar on the table was our only option since our server didn’t come back to check on us, so we just used that.  The soup was a large bowl and along with beans contained some meat, which we think was beef?  Chris enjoyed the soup, but my picture didn’t turn out so we couldn’t add it here.

 Latinos deerfieldLatinos deerfield

Milanesa De Pollo ($12.99) – Pounded chicken breast, breaded and fried with salad, plantains, rice and beans.  The chicken was really moist and while the breading was simple, packed a lot of flavor.  Since it was pounded flat, it filled most of the plate and actually seemed like a large portion of meat.  The plantains were sweet, but a little hard and I really enjoyed the black beans and rice. 

 Latinos deerfieldLatinos deerfield

We both enjoyed the food at Latino’s Restaurant in Deerfield Beach and felt that lunch here is a good value.  You can’t beat their $7.99 price of the daily specials.  The service does needs a little improvement in both speed and attentiveness, but their friendliness makes up for that. 

 Latinos deerfieldLatinos restaurant menu 1

Latino’s Restaurant 1754 W Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield Beach FL 33442

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