Fort Lauderdale finally has a brewery to call its own, the LauderAle brewery.  Tucked away between the Airport and Cruise ports and hidden behind road construction, you’ll definitely need a GPS to help locate the 3,000 square foot warehouse at 3305 SE 14th Ave in Fort Lauderdale.  It’s behind the third building on the west side of the road.

 LauderAle Brewery    LauderAle Brewery     

Yep, we knew we found the place once we heard the music from the street. We pulled into the LauderAle parking area on Saturday afternoon and the lot was already full. The entrance is on the South side of the blue building through the open warehouse doors.  Head’s up, there’s no air conditioning in the open air warehouse.  Luckily, the beer is cold.

 LauderAle BreweryLauderAle Brewery

Inside, there’s a long industrial counter with patio chairs facing the brew kettles and about a half dozen picnic tables a few steps behind.  Offices are further in the back with a second flood storage loft. 

LauderAle BreweryLauderAle Brewery

Watching the staff hook up the chrome kettles and hoses reminded us again of the Breaking Bad TV show with Jessie and Walt, except this venture is legal.

 LauderAle BreweryLauderAle Brewery

On our visit they had three of their own craft beers on tap – American IPA (4.7% ABV), Robust Porter (6.1% ABV) and Saison (5.7 ABV). They also had three other guest taps, including Funky Buddha Floridian. Draft pints are $5.00.

 LauderAle BreweryLauderAle Brewery

We strongly recommend you visit LauderAle brewery NOW while everything is rough and unpolished.  Then, later when they’re a large successful brewery, you’ll really appreciate the place and can tell everyone you remember when they first started in the back of a small warehouse.

LauderAle BreweryLauderAle Brewery

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  1. whack-a-mole July 29, 2014 at 8:44 am - Reply

    Please correct the address — it’s 3305 S. E. 14th AVENUE, not STREET. The correct address, absent a sign or marking on site, makes a great difference!

    • Jeff July 30, 2014 at 5:09 pm - Reply

      Sorry for the TYPO. The address has been corrected.

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