We have walked and driven last Lucky City Restaurant too many times to count. There was really nothing special to draw our attention, so we often just walked past.  The outside storefront looked plain with an old van in the parking lot.  We also were confused by the advertised cuisine of both Chinese and Caribbean food. Not many places serve this combination, so we always hesitated. Today, that changed and we decided to order take-out. 

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We arrived and while we thought we were being discrete taking photos outside, the whole time the owner was watching us through the window.  Busted. Luckily she had a sense of humor. Inside, the restaurant is large with many (empty) tables.  Hopefully we arrived at an off hour or they do a lot of take-out. The first thing that hit us was the strong smell of moth balls. I was worried, since many restaurants try this method when they take pest control into their own hands.  It also reminded me of the smell in another Chinese restaurant down the street that was horrible.  Putting that aside, the place looked clean, but slightly outdated.

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The owner was really friendly and already had our order ready and listed each item off as she rang it up. We ordered a few Caribbean items and some Chinese. I would guess that she was from the Caribbean and that assumption was solidified when she commented that we should have ordered the Caribbean Curry rather than the Chinese Curry. “Both are good, but we make ours different” was her comment. We just might take her up on it next time. 

 Lucky City Restaurant 09

We made it home and unpacked our order. Everything ordered was there and we started our sampling. 

 Lucky City Restaurant 02Lucky City Restaurant 08

  • Wonton soup– the broth was tasty and salty.  It was one of the better versions we’ve had, but the actual wontons were under filled. They did have some pieces or roast pork thrown in, which I liked.  The menu had “cow foot” soup – but neither of us we daring enough to try.


  • Egg roll – it wasn’t too greasy and was still crisp. There was a lot of cabbage and not much else. No meat or carrot that I could see. It also had a strange grittiness.  The taste was ok, but I would skip it next time. 


  • Boneless Spareribs – every Chinese restaurant seems to do these in their own way. Lucky City Restaurant was no different. The pork was sliced and also in pieces. The sauce wasn’t too thick and had a slight sweetness and the five-spice flavor. I liked the sauce a lot. The pork itself was a bit dry, but they made pretty good left-overs. 

 Lucky City Restaurant 03

  • Jerk Seasoned Chicken Wings – these wings were pretty big. They were loaded with jerk seasoning and not too tough. They seemed like they were made from fresh chicken, not frozen. This was pretty good jerk and had a kick to it…a pretty big kick. Jeff loved them and that meant no left-overs. 

 Lucky City Restaurant 05Lucky City Restaurant 07

  • Chinese Curry Chicken – we ordered the pint size and the potion was a little small, even for a pint. There was chicken and some veggies in a thick curry sauce. The flavor was typical curry, but u like most other Chinese curry, this one had a kick. Another good choice and this made us want to try the Caribbean Curry next time. 

 Lucky City Restaurant 10

  • Honey Garlic Chicken – pieces of batters and fried chicken, tossed in a honey garlic sauce…this was one of the best we’ve had. I’m just sorry that I was too full to enjoy these freshly prepared. The one piece I had was full of garlic flavor.  The ratio is sweet to garlic was perfect. Another great choice that made great left-overs. 

 Lucky City Restaurant 01

The rice was a bit dry, but we didn’t even use much of it anyway. Overall we will try them again and are glad we finally ducked in to give them a try. I just hope the mothball smell is gone by then. 


Lucky City Restaurant is located at 5574 W Sample Rd, Margate, FL


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  1. Jennifer May 26, 2014 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    Glad you gave it a shot and the food was good. I don’t blame you for passing on the cow foot soup. Ewww!!!

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