We received an email from Madison’s New York Grill & Bar in Boca Raton today that outlined a new lunch promotion.  New menu items and a ‘special’ $10 menu for a limited time caught my attention so I grabbed Emily at work and we headed over for lunch.

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Madison’s New York Grill & Bar is based in Montreal Canada and recently expanded down here to sunny Florida.  Located off of Glades Rd. in Boca Raton, they are surrounded by a few other ‘moderately priced’ chain restaurants. 

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From what I can see, dinner is on par with the likes of Houston’s.  The building has been newly renovated and looks clean and neat on the outside.  There is a small waiting area for those wanting to smoke on the outside as well as a fairly large patio to dine.  We wanted to eat inside so we could enjoy the interior. 

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This restaurant is huge.  To the right of the hostess stand is a large cool bar with back lights inside of the stone accents.  There are a few TV’s around if you want to catch up on the news. 

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The dining room sprawled back from the hostess stand to the kitchen and there was also another part of the dining room to the right.  We were seated right away and the server greeted us and took our drink orders.

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Looking around you wouldn’t want to come in here for dinner in shorts and a t-shirt.  It’s a nice place.  Rich leather seats and dark woods give the impression that you might be paying for the ‘look’.  We were happy to see that the lunch prices were actually quite average.  They offered a full (rather large) menu for lunch and inside of that menu was the $10 lunch special menu.  This menu is offered for a limited time and has some great sounding choices.  Sandwiches, salads and some entrée dishes with even a few vegetarian options.  There was enough of a selection to please many. 

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Emily suggested to order an appetizer…which soon turned into two.  You know…we ‘had’  to get a good selection to get an idea of what the food is like…right?  We chose the Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls – Shaved roast prime rib, Monterey Jack cheese, red onions and red and green peppers, served with a sweet Thai chili sauce and a mushroom dipping sauce.  We also chose the Bang Bang Shrimp – Tempura fried shrimp, tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce with sliced banana peppers.

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The wait wasn’t long for the appetizers and they came out together.  The portions looked fairly large and the egg rolls looked amazing.  Still hot from the oil, we couldn’t wait to try them.  First bite and we loved them.  Just enough filling to make it interesting and when you dip them in the mushroom sauce…perfection.  Next we tried the Bang Bang Shrimp.  The breading didn’t seem to stay on them very well and the sauce made the tempura soggy.  I would suggest that they drizzle of the sauce on for a nice presentation and offer a side dipping portion.  The sauce needed a bit more kick as well.  I’d probably try another appetizer in the future.

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A short wait and our main dishes came out.  Emily ordered the Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes with caramelized onions.  The ‘steak’ was a nice sized portion and she really liked it.  Not too dry and they even brought out another portion of the mushroom sauce we had with the egg rolls (we liked it so much).  The mashed potatoes were creamy with small potato lump throughout and were a hit.  The portion was actually really large and she couldn’t finish them.   I ordered the Chicken Breast Sandwich – Marinated, breaded and fried chicken with Monterey Jack cheese on a buttered and grilled country multi-grain bread topped with a kale salad.  The kale salad has a peanut dressing and I think it has some nuts in it as well.  Fries were the side of choice. 

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The sandwich looked amazing.  The bread was fresh and had a slight crunch from the gill.  The chicken breast was thinner than I would have liked, but you know…with everything else on the plate, I actually didn’t mind.  The kale salad was unique crisp and had a slight bitterness.  I actually liked it.  The fries were average and a little soggy.  I’d substitute a baked potato or other item on my next visit.

 Madisons New York GrilMadison New York Grill 12

What amazed me was the portion size for these $10 specials.  We walked by another table that ordered a burger and this thing was huge.  I really didn’t want to ask the guy if I could take a picture of it…hope you can understand. J  The $10 menu is definitely worth every penny.  The food quality was top notch and the service was also very good.  The $10 menu would bring me back more often, but even when they stop that special price and just offer the lunch menu, I’d stop in.  Awesome atmosphere and more food than you can eat.  Score!

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Madison’s is located at 2006 NW Executive Center, Circle Boca Raton, Florida

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