One of the best things about Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort is you have a selection of restaurants right on the hotel property from formal dining to beach fast casual.

Marriott Marco Island Marriott Marco Isalnd 51

On our recent trip over to Marco Island, FL we were lucky enough to get a great room rate at what we definitely think is the best hotel on the island. 

Marriott marco IslandMarriott marco Island

We checked in on a Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday morning which gave us plenty of time to try almost all of the restaurants on the property.  The hotel is just the perfect place to relax and we will cover some of the highlights of the property on a separate post, so let’s get to the food.

 Marriott Marco IslandMarriott Marco Island

Marriott’s casual restaurant right on the beach is Quinn’s on the Beach and has some amazing views.  They offer lunch and dinner and since it was only 2PM, we decided to get a drink and a few appetizers.  Most of the seating is outside on the patio and that gives you the best view of the beach.  There is inside dining split into two rooms, one with A/C and one that does not.  

Quinns on the BeachQuinns on the Beach

We chose to sit at the bar and got lucky and found a spot right away.  The drinks are served fast here and the bartender got us our drinks in under a minute.  My rum runner was good, but wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped.  The taste was spot on and it looks like they keep most of the frozen drinks in machines that speed the process along.  I was even given a new drink when my first one was melting too fast, now that’s GOOD service.  Jeff’s beer was cold and served in a frosty mug, perfect to cool down on the beach.

Quinns on the BeachQuinns on the Beach 

We ordered the grilled octopus lettuce wraps and a side of fries.  Food came out fast and looked really good.  The octopus had a nice char but a few pieces were a bit too tough making it difficult to chew.  The portion was on the small side too which only gave us one small piece of octopus per wrap.  The veggies were slightly pickled which gave it a night bright flavor with some crunch. 

Quinns on the BeachQuinns on the Beach

The lettuce given was butter lettuce which held up well and was very fresh and green.  We felt the price was a little steep at $14 for the portion size.  The fries were served in a large ‘bucket’ and were of the ‘seasoned’ variety.  These are actually the same fries most Marriott’s have had for years and while they are good, you can get tired of them quickly.  We also felt that the price was a bit high at $8. 

Quinns's on Urbanspoon

Located between the two pools is 400 Pazzi’s which is Marco Island Marriott’s pizza and pannini restaurant with some pasta options. It’s a fast-casual spot that is home to their special ‘mug’ where you can pay one price and get unlimited refills of soda during your stay. 

400 Pazzi Marco Island 400 Pazzi Marco Island

We were in a pizza mood so we ordered the Capolla – Caramelized leeks, shallots, red onion and crispy pancetta ($16.00).  The place is air conditioned and is very nice with lots of stone and tile.  We chose to sit outside on the patio so we could enjoy the awesome view.  The pizza took maybe 15 minutes and when they dropped it off looked a lot larger than we expected.  Our initial thought was that this was going to be some good pizza.

400 Pazzi Marco Island Marriott marco Island

Our excitement quickly waned when we took our first pieces.  Wow, was this pizza greasy.  The grease had gone all the way through to the bottom and left a big puddle on the pizza tray.  Jeff even tried to dab some of the grease off the top with a napkin, but it still was too much.  We are not sure if it was the cheese blend, the pancetta or both that caused this, but we really didn’t care for this pizza. 

400 Pazzi Marco Island 400 Pazzi Marco Island

It was a bit bland and the pancetta only contributed a lot of salt and wasn’t really ‘crisp’ as the menu stated.  We took the rest back up to the room just in case thinking maybe it would pass the ‘day after test’.  It didn’t. 

400 Pazzi's on Urbanspoon

The next morning we stopped in the Café San Marco, their coffee and pastry shop that serves Illy coffee.  It’s a nice place with lots of dark wood and seats to relax and enjoy your coffee, pastry or quick lunch.  They have some salads and sandwiches for those on the go which looked fresh and some bagels and pastries as well.  Jeff ordered his normal espresso ($3.25) and we tried a chocolate croissant ($3.25).

Cafe San MarcoCafe San Marco

Prices seemed to be more in line here with some items on the higher side (salads/sandwiches).  Jeff liked his espresso and the chocolate croissant was flaky and tasty, but needed more chocolate in the middle.  Sure, I really don’t need more chocolate, but hey, I’m on vacation!  Café San Marco is probably the best place to get fresh food quickly and one of the more reasonably priced options on the property.

Cafe San MarcoCafe San Marco

Cafe San Marco on Urbanspoon

The next day we got our spot at the awesome pool under our favorite umbrella and by 11:30AM we were hungry for lunch.  We had noticed that the Tiki Bar (open for lunch and dinner) had slightly lower prices than Quinn’s, so Jeff walked over and got us lunch.  The menu is simple and geared to the kids with less ‘grown up’ options like burgers and such and it’s located at the pool that has all the slides and stuff for the kids.  We ordered a cheeseburger with fries and chicken fingers with fries.  Sodas came with free refills and the order took about 15 minutes to cook. 

  Marriott Tiki Bar Marriott Tiki Bar

The chicken fingers ($7.95) were apparently off of the ‘kids’ menu and came with four pieces and fries.  Barbecue and honey mustard were the dipping options and both were in pre-packaged containers (Heinz and Ken’s).  The chicken fingers were a bit heavy on the breading and could have used another minute in the fryer.  The taste of the breading was very ‘bar finger food’ and these had a very familiar taste and we are not sure if they are breaded in house (we are guessing they are not).  The breading didn’t really stay on the chicken very well, so we ended up taking most of it off and they were much better. 

Marriott Tiki BarMarriott Tiki Bar

The cheese burger ($11.95) was actually larger than expected.  The patty was thick and had a nice grilled flavor, but we felt it was a bit too salty.  The bun was fresh as well as the lettuce and tomato and the cheese was of the American variety.  The seasoned fries were freshly made, but at this point I was growing tired of the seasoned fries and wish they offered another version as well.

Tiki Bar on Urbanspoon

Korals is Marco Island Marriott’s new restaurant addition and one of the cooler looking places on the property.  This sushi restaurant opens at 5PM and serves dinner only and doubles as the lobby lounge.  They did a great job on the décor with a large cylinder aquarium at the front and lots of places to sit. 

Marriott Marco Island Korals Sushi Marriott Marco Island

You can see the awesome wood sculpture that covers the bar area and it’s actually really cool.  The swooping lines make for good pictures as well as a cool spot to hang out.  The bar has plenty of seats and there is a cool ‘drink cooling system’ that crates a layer of frost that cools your drink from the bottom, up.  It’s also lit up from the inside and maybe made of onyx or some kind of stone and give a very nice orange glow.  You can also choose to sit at the small sushi bar, but it looked a bit too small and they needed every square inch of it to make the food.

Marriott Marco Island Korals Sushi Marriott Marco Island Korals Sushi

Our bartender was quick and friendly and we both ordered drinks ($9), a Bacardi and Coke, Tanqueray and Tonic.  The drink prices were a bit on the high side but were quite strong.  We just wanted a sampling of a few items so we chose the fried pot stickers ($12) and the lobster two ways roll ($20).  The first out was the pot stickers lined up all nice and neatly.  They were actually totally deep fried, which kind of surprised me a bit since most fried post stickers are only really fried on the bottom.  They were very fresh and the beef filling was packed with flavor and it went well with the crunch of the dough. 

Marriott Marco Island Korals Sushi Marriott Marco Island Korals Sushi

Next came the lobster two ways roll and it looked amazing.  The presentation was on point and everything was very fresh.  It was a fried roll, but the coating was very thin making it seem like it was not fried.  The lobster was fresh along with all the components.  The micro greens were a nice touch and elevated the roll a bit in presentation.  Overall, we were happy with our choices and would definitely stop in on a future visit.

Marriott Marco Island Korals Sushi

Korals on Urbanspoon

We tried all but two restaurants at the Marco Island Marriott.  Tropiks is their family friendly casual restaurant that is open for Breakfast daily and are also open for lunch and dinner during peak season.  Kurrents is their more upscale dinner restaurant offering steaks and seafood.  While some of the choices on this trip didn’t really ‘wow’ us, there were some bright spots with some reasonable prices.  We really like this hotel and find the service to be top notch along with the amenities and overall fun factor.  We actually find dining to be an adventure all over Marco Island as it’s really not known for it’

Marriott marco Island 

Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort is located at 400 S. Collier Blvd, Marco Island FL.

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