McDonald’s is adding menu items again and this time it looks more like appetizers than entrees. Mozzarella sticks and chicken strips are now being sold all around Broward County and we thought we’d give them a try.

Mozzerella Sticks – McDonald’s advertise them as ‘baked’, which does allow for some calorie savings. Each order comes with three pieces with a total calorie count at 200.

McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks

While unboxing the mozzarella sticks, we immediately noticed that they are maybe 2/3 the size of the average size sold in most stores and restaurants.  While we liked the slight Italain seasoning flavor of the crust,  we found that they suffer from the McDonals’s food temperature issue as most fried items there. Luke warm means that the cheese isn’t really melted anymore and you lose the whole reason that makes mozzarella sticks so enjoyable.

McDonald's Mozzarella SticksMcDonald's Mozzarella Sticks


Chicken Selects Premium Chicken Breast Strips – These look a lot like the chicken strips McDonald’s rolled out a few times in the past and taste the same as well. Limited to only three pieces in an order, you will be set back about 397 calories.  The coating is a bit thick and we found it a bit too salty.  The taste reminds us of the regular frozen strips you find at a bar.  The actual meat is real chicken breast and you can tell when you break them apart.  The temperature was a bit better on these and they were still very crispy, but a little dry.

McDonal's Chicken SelectsMcDonald's Chicken Selects

We really think McDonald’s needs to look at their food holding methods. Warming bins don’t work and nothing seems to be cooked fresh anymore. I’d you watch the kitchen make your order, EVERYTHING is pulled out of a warming bin.  We might have liked both of these new McDonald’s offerings more if they didnt have he temperature issue.  Sorry to be so harsh, but quality and consistency are very important in food service.


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