After appearing on the Food Network show ‘Buy This Restaurant’, McNab’s Dockside Restaurant delivers great service, solid quality food and an interesting location with a polished décor.  It looks like the owners made the right choice on the location and their hard work is paying off.

McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside        

The location of McNab’s Dockside Restaurant is a little off the main streets, but it does have one thing going for it.  The waterside location off of McNab Road allows for boaters to dock and diners to enjoy the view.  While it might not be the ‘Intercoastal’ view many people talk about, this spot is relaxing and is truly going to become Pompano’s hidden gem.  We arrived for dinner about a week after the official opening, so we were expecting to see some of those ‘new restaurant’ glitches that all seem to have.  We did notice that the parking lot can fill up quite fast and wonder if this will become an issue in the future.  We found one of the last two spots and explored the outside a bit.

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

The outside has a large patio that overlooks the water.  Today, it didn’t appear to be open, we are guessing that is was probably just too hot for diners to want to eat outside.  It’s quite a large patio that looked very comfortable and we can see it being very busy in the cooler months.  The large windows separating the dining room and the patio look like they can be opened to enjoy cool weather adding to the outside dining feel. 

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

The building is quite long and the entrance is kind of in the middle.  The host stand is immediately inside and there is a cool water feature to greet guests.  To the right is a large dining room with those windows overlooking the water and to the right is another large dining area along with a full bar. 

McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

This place is actually quite large and can hold a lot of diners, so even with it being quite busy, we were sat immediately.  We were taken to the dining area to the left (we didn’t ask for a preference) and got comfortable.  The décor is done in soft blue walls with dark wood tables and chairs and the exposed ceiling was stained a rich dark color.  The place looked pretty sharp.  We did notice that it can get a bit loud here, especially near the bar (which was packed). 

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

Our server came right by to welcome us and tell us the daily specials.  We didn’t plan on any beers, so we just ordered soda and waters.  The menu is smaller than expected, but they do cover the bases.  As you can guess, there are lots of seafood options along with steaks, burgers, sandwiches and flatbreads.  Appetizers had a few interesting items like gator bites and mussels, but had some more familiar options like chicken wings and shrimp.  The ordering process went smooth and our server even asked if we had any food allergies or preferences, which was something we love to see.    Our appetizer didn’t take too long out of the kitchen and we couldn’t wait to dig in.

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

Mussels – Your choice of white or red sauce served with garlic bread ($9.50).  We had asked the server what the difference was in the two sauces and he explained that the red sauce was aromatics in a tomato based sauce with garlic and some spice.  The white was more wine and citrus based with herbs and garlic.  We went with the red sauce which we really liked.  It was packed with flavor and didn’t overpower the delicate taste of the mussels.  The sauce did have a slight ‘spicy kick’ to it, but it was just enough to be enjoyable.  The portion size is huge and the mussels were very fresh and tasted excellent.  The garlic bread was toasted and thick enough to use in sopping up the sauce adding even more garlic flavor.  Overall a great choice.

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

In between our appetizer and main dishes, our server cleared our places and brought over new silverware.  He even cleaned up the table, as I did make a bit of a mess.  Soon after our main entrees were brought out of the kitchen. 


Fish & Chips – Beer battered (using craft beer) and fried served with fries and malt vinegar ($15.95).  This must have been the BIGGEST portion of fish & chips we’ve seen in quite some time.  We swore the table rocked a little when they set this plate down due to the massive size.  Well, maybe that’s a little exaggeration, but the three pieces on the plate were very big.  Fresh cod is used here and the batter was crisp and full of flavor.  It wasn’t the bland beer batter some places use, it really complimented the fish well. The fries were crisp and the variety that has a light coating.  Awesome choice on the fish & chips.

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

Grilled Salmon – Grilled Salmon served with Fresh Seasonable Vegetables and Rice ($19.95).  The plate was so colorful and looked very fresh.  One bite of the salmon confirmed the freshness.  Lightly seasoned and cooked perfectly, it was one of the better pieces of Salmon I’ve had in a restaurant in a while.  The vegetables consisted of zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers and carrots.  All were incredibly fresh and cooked so that they were still crisp.  I could have gone for a double portion they were that good.  The rice was a wild rice blend that was packed with flavor and also cooked to a nice fully tenderness.  The dish is lightly seasoned and overall a great lighter option, without losing the flavor. 

 McNabs DocksideMcNabs Dockside

The service here was probably one of the best we’ve seen in a while.  What is amazing is that we were here only four days after they first opened.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and they had enough people on staff to keep the dining room running very efficiently.  One thing to keep in mind is that the parking appears that it might be tricky at peak times.  The restaurant was busy, but not full and the parking lot was already almost at capacity.  Hopefully this won’t hurt them since we think they have a winning restaurant with a great future.

McNabs Dockside 

McNab’s Dockside Restaurant is located at 200 E McNab Road Pompano Beach FL 33060. We believe they are only open for dinner and will expand with lunch soon.

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  1. Carly November 14, 2014 at 11:24 am - Reply

    Are you stupid, or are you just liars? Nobody likes a liar. This place is a total disaster.

    • Jeff November 15, 2014 at 4:21 pm - Reply

      Actually, we prefer the term “Foodie Blogger”, but we’ll take what we can get.

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