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Had a chance to stop for a quick breakfast today at Michael’s Café at 2304 NE 62nd St, Fort Lauderdale. A quick on-line search showed it was just around the corner from Imperial Point Hospital.  I headed over since I had a few hours before picking up a friend having surgery.  Driving past the entrance, I could see several people already inside, which was a good sign for a weekday breakfast.

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I sat at the counter and was immediately offered a cup of coffee (that’s why I love diner service). They had a menu board behind the counter and a menu with a really big breakfast selection.

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The weekday special really caught my eye, though. It was two eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee for $4.50.

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The food arrived quickly and the coffee refills were frequent.  I saw several other breakfast items on the menu that I’ll definitely try next time, but for today, I was completely satisfied with the meal which met my expectation. I guess that’s why they’ve been in business for 23 years.

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