Moon Thai and Japanese Restaurant benefits from a ‘sweet spot’ location right next to the Regal Movie Theaters and The Brass Tap in Coral Springs. We headed in for lunch recently to give them a try and the result left us feeling a bit mixed.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral Springs  Moon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

I’ve heard that Moon Thai & Japanese recently completed a renovation of the inside dining space and it looks really nice. It’s a modern looking Thai restaurant with high ceilings, cool lighting fixtures and almost a ‘club’ feel. If you prefer to dine out on the patio, there are quite a few tables, but we found the inside to be more appealing.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral SpringsMoon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

Our server was over quickly to take drink orders and we needed some time to look over the huge expansive menu. This is one of the Thai/Japanese restaurants, so you almost have too many choices. They actually have two separate menus, one Thai selections and one Japanese. We stuck to the lunch specials as they are usually cost less for a smaller portion, which usually works out well. They have all the favorites here and too many to really list.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral SpringsMoon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

Jeff had a hard time picking a selection from the Thai menu, so he asked our server “What’s Good?” While this is Jeff’s server ‘test’ lately, it worked out as the suggestion made was exactly what he had his eye on…a curry dish. The lunch specials come with soup and side salad. When we asked what kind of soup, it was miso soup. Strange since we were ordering off of the Thai menu. Salad comes with your choice of dressing.

Our soups came out first and quickly. Jeff’s not really a fan of miso soup, so he really didn’t have much to compare it to. We both agreed it needed to be served warmer as ‘luke warm’ doesn’t really work well with soup. The flavor was ok, just your average miso soup.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral SpringsMoon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

Next came the salad. This was your typical Thai ‘side salad’ served in most places. Iceberg with a few other types of leaves. It was chilled nicely, but these were definitely over-dressed. The miso dressing I chose was ok, but there was just too much of it. Jeff chose the ginger dressing that he liked quite a bit and is more forgiving if overused.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral SpringsMoon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

The courses seemed to come out at a consistent pace, but our server didn’t really check on us between them or even after the food was dropped off. A shame since he was quite friendly and helpful when he visited us.

Spring Break Duck ($10.95) – There wasn’t a description on the menu, so it felt like a surprise and made us wonder why it was called Spring Break Duck. I do have to say they deserve some kudos for the plating of the dish. The duck was nicely cut into pieces and was cooked to a crisp golden brown. The meat itself was flavorful and everything you look for in roasted duck. The vegetables were fresh and still a little crisp, but could have been a little warmer. The sauce was a thin broth-type that was both salty and a little sweet. I chose brown rice and it was cooked perfectly and a little fluffy. Overall I was happy with the dish and felt it was a really solid price overall.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral SpringsMoon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

Red Curry Chicken ($10.95) – White meat chicken in a red curry sauce with vegetables and rice. Jeff had discussed the ‘spiciness’ with our server when we ordered and on a scale of 1-5, chose a 2 with the option to add his own. The ‘2’ choice was too mild, but Jeff never got the extra hot sauce since our server didn’t check on us until it was time to drop off the bill. The curry was good and everything was fresh, but Jeff would have liked it more if it had more spice. The white rice was nice and fluffy making us wonder why rice cooked at home is never this good.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral SpringsMoon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

So our review is mixed mostly due to a few service snags and some food temperature issues. It was a bit surprising since it really wasn’t that busy of a day to warrant these oversights, so we are not sure if this was just a one off issue or not. We’d probably try them again and see if there is an improvement. After all, we did get a lot of food for $10.95 and the flavors were there, if not the spice.

Moon Thai Japanese Coral Springs

Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant is located at 9637 Westview Drive Coral Springs, FL 33076.

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