Moonlite Diner is located in Fort Lauderdale on Andrews Ave at Cypress Creek Road.  It’s been a staple here for years and the outside brings memories of the great Diners of New Jersey (which is part of my past).  This is where the similarity ends unfortunately.  We’ve been to Moonlite Diner many times and actually hoped this visit would turn out better.  The building is the art deco, shiny silver icon that can get you excited about the possibility of the food just by driving up.

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The inside is a cool throwback and there are quite a few memorabilia items hanging on the walls.  There are lots of booths and some counter seating and this place does fill up fast during peak Breakfast and Lunch.  We got seated quickly and our server took our drink orders and greeted us.  The menu is your typical diner fare and quite large.  Sandwiches and burgers seem to be the highlights for lunch and there are many omelets and egg options to please any picky eater.

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The one thing we can say about Moonlite Diner is that they give you some very large portions.  Our first order was the ‘Meat Lovers’ with eggs, potatoes and biscuit (or toast).  The eggs were ordered ‘over hard’ and came out as ordered.  The potatoes were ‘home fries’ and looked amazing but were very gummy and lacked any flavor at all. We suggest skipping these and seeing if you can get another item swapped.  The meat consisted of a sausage patty which had the same look and almost identical taste as those you find in any fast food restaurant (and not the good ones).  The ham was a thin slice of deli ham that was not of the Boar’s Head variety that you would expect here.  This dish also came with a side of biscuits and sausage gravy which was the bright spot of the breakfast.  Not overly seasoned but a bit thick.

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The second order was the standard Eggs with your choice of meat and of course we picked bacon.  The bacon had a nice smoky flavor and we liked that choice.  The home fries on this plate were the same gummy under seasoned portion that we had with our other plate.  The biscuits were fluffy and were a good choice and we got to add some of the gravy from the Meat Lovers order.

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The service was quick and friendly and our drinks never went below half before they were topped off.

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Overall we really wanted to like Moonlite Diner, but we felt there were many other places in the area to get a much better breakfast.  The prices seemed a little high as well and the quality of the food didn’t seem to stack up.  We seem to recall that we have had some good lunches here so maybe that will be our other option on any future visit.

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Moonlite Diner is located at 6201 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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