The Muffuletta is located in the Promenade at Coconut Creek and shares the space with 160 Degrees.  This review covers our experience at The Muffuletta and we will have a separate review for 160 Degrees.

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The Muffuletta is actually a New Orleans staple sandwich.  Made on a round roll, the traditional version is served with cold-cuts and is topped with a fresh olive spread and lightly ‘pressed’ so that all the components merge to form a unique, regional favorite.  The Muffaletta restaurant specializes in sandwiches and salads.  They have a large menu with some favorite sandwiches and the ‘make your own’ option.  I went for the Lupo’s Original – named for Salvatore Lupo. This is the original Muffuletta created on Decatur street in 1906.  Thinly sliced ham, salami & mortadella topped with Swiss cheese & provolone then spread with our house created Italian olive salad.  You can choose either a half or whole size…I went for the half.  You also can choose your bread…either traditional Muffuletta round with sesame or a wheat / white sub-type roll.  I went for the Muffuletta.  You also get a side of coleslaw, macaroni salad or chips.  I picked the coleslaw.

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This is a fast-casual spot where you order at the counter and they bring your food to your table when it’s ready.  No issues at the counter ordering and the cashier was helpful and answered any questions I had.  I got my number and took my seat. The inside has a cool New Orleans vibe going with dark colors.  You could easily think you were in the French Quarter when you look around.  Outside dining is also an option and if you are having a few beers next door (at World of Beer) they will deliver right to your table so you don’t have to stop drinking!

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My order came out quickly and I was originally impressed at the size of this thing.  The half is huge and you could see all the meat, cheese and olive spread stacked high.  The first bite set the tone for the meal and I knew this was going to be good.  The bread was firm, but had a slight chewiness to it.  It was fresh and actually the perfect texture to stand up to all the fillings.  The cold cuts were good quality…much better than some of the sub places out there.  The olive spread was amazing.  It’s not overpowering with olive flavor since there are other ingredients in it, but I found it different and tasty.  I will definitely order this sandwich again.  The coleslaw was served in a small container, but with a sandwich this large that was fine.  The coleslaw was crisp and I also liked it a lot.  It had a ‘house-made’ feel to it and it wasn’t overdressed.

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The cool thing here too is that if you are with a burger lover, they can order from 160 Degrees, which is in the same spot…just a counter over.  It will be a hard choice on my next visit…burger or a sandwich.  Decisions, decisions!

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The Muffuletta is located at 4437 Lyons Rd, Suite E-105 Coconut Creek, FL.
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