Tucked away in the Festival Flea Market Antique Shops is a little restaurant offering a variety of items from baked goods to salads, sandwiches and burgers.  We were doing some Flea Market exploring and was in the mood for a light snack.  Munch & Chat is located right at the front of the Antique Mall section and you really can’t miss it.  Orange and purple are the colors there that definitely grab your attention. 

Munch Chat 07Munch Chat 12

There are some tables defining the dining area and it appears to be all counter service.  We noticed the empanadas in the heating box at the front and figured that is the perfect snack.  The service was quick and friendly and they seemed to take care in what they were doing.  There was someone replenishing some of the baked goods that looked really good.  It all looked fresh.


Munch Chat 09Munch Chat 06Munch Chat 10Munch Chat 02

We ordered the ham and cheese empanada and the chicken.  The chicken was stuffed full and also was packed with flavor.  There was a hint of BBQ flavor, but I think it was just due to the tomato and peppers that the chicken was cooked in.  The ham and cheese was tasty, but did have a lot of air.  Maybe it was due to the cheese melting when it was cooked. 

 Munch Chat 03Munch Chat 05Munch Chat 08Munch Chat 04

We would definitely recommend Munch & Chat for a snack and think they would be a good spot to grab lunch while shopping. 

Munch Chat 11 Munch Chat 13

Munch & Chat is located in the Festival Flea Market at 2900 W Sample Rd Pompano Beach, FL.


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