Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant in Coconut Creek with its unique décor and good service was a good choice for a quick Thai food fix.  Located in a strip mall (like most South Florida restaurants), they really worked hard to make the décor stand out. 

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Excluding the ‘terracotta’ tile roofs that are inside of the restaurant which seem a bit dated, the place looks unique by today’s standards. The tables and chairs are a bit on the plain side, but the light fixtures and wall coverings area a bit more updated.  There are some random items in the back of the Thai restaurant near the sushi bar area (a round 60’s-70’s chair for example) which seemed a bit out of place, but it didn’t distract too much.

 Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant

We were seated right away and there were two other tables already dining.  The menu consists of the typical Thai cuisine with some cold appetizers, hot appetizers, curry, fried rice, sushi and a few specialty entrees.  They did have maybe two pages of sushi items to choose from and we did see a few different combination options. 

 Nana Sushi Thai RestaurantNana Sushi Thai Restaurant 18

Our server dropped off our drinks and we placed our order for out appetizer and soups.  Jeff ordered the TOM YUM GOONG SOUP  – Thai spicy shrimp soup with lemon grass, lime juice, chili paste & mushroom.  This soup is normally served ‘spicy’ but our server asked him how spicy he wanted.  They score the spice from one to five.  He originally said a four, but I reminded him that is what he got on our last visit and it was so spicy, he couldn’t finish it.  He dropped down to a three.  I ordered the WONTON SOUP – Traditional chicken wonton with bean spout, scallion.  I was taking a break from spicy today. 

Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant

The soups came out quickly and they both where steaming hot.  I like when the soup is hot since it usually reassures me that the kitchen keeps things at the right temperature.  Jeff’s was happy with the level of spice of his Tom Yum Goong soup.  This soup is a bit sour (due to the lime juice and lemon grass) which goes well with the spicy kick at the end.  The shrimp were medium sized and fresh. 

 Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant

My Wonton Soup was packed with flavor and was garnished with toasted garlic which I thought made it different from your average wonton soup.  The wontons were delicate and not overcooked and held together well.  The filling could have used a little more flavor, but overall the soup did work well.

 Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant

After our soup a different server came to take our main dinner order.  I’m guessing they share tables, which worked well here.  The second server was just as helpful in her suggestions and explanations.  At that time our appetizer came out the SHUMAI – Japanese shrimp dumpling served steamed or fried (we ordered fried).  They were your standard shumai…full of chopped shrimp and they did have a strong shrimp flavor.  They came right out of the kitchen so they were still hot and crisp.  They did need the dipping sauce to round the flavor out.

Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant

Entrees came out next.  I ordered the Fresh Ginger -Perfect blend of ginger, carrot, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and celery with white rice. Spice level 2 and shrimp as my protein.  The veggies were fresh and the ginger flavor was not overpowering.  I really like the celery addition to this dish as it gives it texture and a unique taste.  The sauce is light which makes me feel like this is one of the healthier options.  The shrimp was the same size as in Jeff’s soup and it was just the right potion size.  The rice was not overcooked, but I didn’t eat much of it…I felt the dish didn’t really need it.

 Nana Sushi Thai RestaurantNana Sushi Thai Restaurant

Jeff ordered the Basil Leaves sauce – Thai basil leaves, sweet bell pepper, onion, mushroom, herbs & chili sauce with white rice.  Spice level 3 and chicken as his meat option. The basil flavor was there but it was a bit less potent than he was wanting.  The basil leaves were a bit cooked down so that might be one of the reasons.  The rest of the dish was good.  The sauce was light and fresh and the chicken was tender and not dry.  The veggies were fresh and complimented the dish well. 

 Nana Sushi Thai RestaurantNana Sushi Thai Restaurant

Our servers were attentive and friendly and took good care of us.  Nana Sushi Thai might need to plan an update on some of the décor choices to compete with some of the others in the area…but we think they like it the way they are.  The menu is smaller than some, but we found some bright spots that will make us go back.  Coconut Creek is quite a goldmine for our restaurant reviews and we’ll definitely return to Nana Sushi Thai.

Nana Sushi Thai Restaurant

Located at 6512 SR 7, Coconut Creek FL 33073

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  1. Gordon June 18, 2014 at 12:55 pm - Reply

    I love Thai food and it has to be Thai hot (5+).

    • Mark June 30, 2014 at 5:45 pm - Reply

      OUCH!!! I tried Thai Hot once and was feeling the burn the following morning.

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