What’s better than a grilled cheese sandwich and soup on a rainy weekend?  Not much really. And today’s trip to New York Grilled Cheese Co. restaurant in Wilton Manors really exceeded our comfort food expectations.

NY CheeseNew York Grilled Cheese

We had planned to stop into the New York Grilled Cheese Co. for lunch and just as we arrived, the rain started.  The restaurant parking in Wilton Manors is a bit tricky, with most of the parking metered on the street.  But being a local, we know there are a few free parking spots in the lot right behind the building. We scored a spot right near the rear entrance.

NY CheeseNew York Grilled Cheese

If you enter through the back, that’s the ‘main’ dining area that has been around for a few years.  It’s a very ‘cheese’ theme, with yellow walls and some tables and a bar.  It’s not a very large room which is why they opened up the front area to more seating (it used to be a frozen yogurt shop as well).  We found a seat at the bar and didn’t really feel like a craft beer (yet) so Jeff ordered a water and I got a soda.  The server handed us the menus and we took some time going over the options.

New York Grilled CheeseNew York Grilled Cheese

The menu is ‘grilled cheese’ oriented (duh), with some other comfort food options available.  They had all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches that looked amazing.  We almost ordered the Brooklyn Porkster which had homemade BBQ pulled pork with American-cheddar cheese caramelized onions and dill pickles, but that will have to wait until our next visit.  The bacon lollipops also sounded interesting as did the Disco Fries (Poutine).  We finally decided on one of their Summer Series specials – The Columbus Circle Melt.

New York Grilled CheeseNew York Grilled Cheese

Our order didn’t take too long, maybe 15 minutes at the most, which really wasn’t bad considering these are made-to-order and the place was almost full at this point.  Our server inquired with us if we were sharing when she took our order and when it came out, it was cut in half and split into two baskets.  Very cool!  We even got our own tomato bisque sides to dip our sandwich.  Kudos to our server (Stacy D.) for that little bit of extra service that really is a great reflection of the business.

New York Grilled CheeseNew York Grilled Cheese

Columbus Circle Melt ($8.50) – Monterrey pepper jack cheese, American-cheddar cheese, thick-cut onion rings, drizzled with a homemade fire-roasted poblano aioli, on a buttery toasted country loaf.  The description sure is a mouthful huh?   While it sounds like it’s a lot of stuff to pack into a grilled cheese, it all worked perfectly.  The toasted bread had the waffle iron ridges. The cheese was so creamy and warm, it was ultimate comfort in every bite.

New York Grilled CheeseNew York Grilled Cheese

The onion rings, while they might not have been ‘house made’ were really good and added a nice crunch that gave the sandwich some extra depth.  We did expect a bit more heat from the pepper jack cheese and poblano aioli, but we didn’t miss it at all.  The tomato bisque is served in a small container, but you can upgrade the size which we recommend.  This bisque is good enough to eat alone and probably one of the best tomato soups I’ve had in a restaurant.

New York Grilled Cheese New York Grilled Cheese

We will definitely be back to New York Grilled Cheese Co. and plan to go really hungry so we can get our grilled cheese fix and try more items.  They are open late and we’ve heard they get quite busy ‘after hours’ so enjoy the wait knowing you getting one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Fort Lauderdale.

New York Grilled Cheese

New York Grilled Cheese Co. is located at 2207 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors FL.

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